Tell the Truth…Quickly!

Sometimes it’s hard to make a decision… Especially we ourselves are not sure.
And even more so if our decision will affect the feelings or life of another person.

Recently, I had to make a very hard decision…

I was so concerned about hurting the other person‘s feelings that I kept holding back…
That little voice in my head telling me to go ahead...yet, I hesitated.

Even more insistently I kept hearing a quote by Edwina Gaines… “Tell the truth and tell it quickly.”

Finally after several days of agony, I got the courage to contact the person and
“tell the truth quickly.”
Yes, the truth DID disappoint the person and it did hurt their feelings however, I felt is
if that giant burden had been lifted from my heart.
The sooner you “tell the truth quickly”, the sooner both YOU and the other
person can start the recovery or healing process.

You are invited to put this into practice for yourself.

Whether  you need to end a relationship, tell someone bad news or even face hard things in your own life…
It can even be as simple as telling someone that you cannot attend their event (just because you don’t want to attend)
Tell the truth quickly the agony will begin to subside immediately.
Love, Rebecca

Jan .1, 2018

PS I’ve done some fascinating insight from the great got Kali-ma that I will be sharing soon.
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