Forgiveness so complete…you forget what they did!

I’ve been dating a gentleman on and off for almost two years.

We have had LOTS of mis-understandings and I always wind up ‘taking a break’ from him.

(much to his disappointment)

Then I get to thinking about all the wonderful things I had in common with him…and DARN it…I can’t remember what in the world happened. For the life of me, I can’t recall anything he did that outweighs the wonderful memories.

(This doesn’t mean that I am supposed to ‘be with him’ either…it just shows the power of forgiveness)

Recently, I saw him again and I was trying and trying to remember what had happened that made me ‘turn him loose’ again.

Did I forgive him  so completely that I could not even remember the offense?

I actually had to get out some of my old journals and look at all the entries where I had decided that his transgressions were to great to stay together.

Where oh where is that memory?



Really? The seemingly great transgressions  had absolutely no power left at all!

Why didn’t I just stand up and ask for what I wanted from him instead of taking the easy road and dismissing him?

If it was so terrible…how come I could not even remember what it was?

Spirit whispered to me… “Rebecca, this is the power of true forgiveness. When you forgive completely, it’s truly washed away and diluted in the sea of forgetfulness.

It is my wish that all of humanity could forgive and let go… Especially, forgiveness of self. “

Signed, Holy Spirit

A Must watch video here

From Rebecca:

How many times have you berated yourself for something you did long ago?

In my case…it was being reminded of the wonderful things about my friend that helped with the forgetting.

Let us focus on the wonderful things about ourselves and be willing to ‘cast the faults into the sea of Forgiveness’.


Now… It’s only natural for the mind to say stuff like…

But if I forgive and forget then I could open myself up for more pain. (This thought has merit, yet, you don’t need to re-establish a relationship with them, however pulling up some good memories would improve the bitter taste in your mouth)

Or…but you don’t known what THEY did to me!


If you have a real hard time with this whole concept due to self-protection then honor your feelings.

However, could I ask that you DO USE this concept on yourself?

Are you able to forgive yourself for past mistakes?

Can you focus on all the precious, wonderful things about yourself?


A very helpful exercise at night is to ‘review the day’ and forgive yourself for every negative thought or action.

Just the act of doing this is a POSITIVE thing that you can pat yourself on the back for!


Please pass this along as you are guided.




A Must watch video here

Back in 2015, I had a situation that hurt me deeply ..betrayal that cut to the bone.

Spirit gave me a unique concept to heal my grief.

I cannot think of one human on earth who could not benefit from this healing. Set aside a few minutes to watch this…and watch it with your heart.


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In fact, I was too indecisive to buy the class in time for the first presentation, so choice events conspired to make me aware of how agonizing my indecision really was.

I finally put my order through in time to listen to the first several minutes of the recording before bed.

When I woke up I immediately started trying the technique out. OMG, it was fantastic!

I went through about 35 painful decisions that had been pending, cluttering up my head, my time, and my energy.

It worked!

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Thank you, Rebecca and Maat, for this gift.


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One Response to “Forgiveness so complete…you forget what they did!”

  1. showana on January 21st, 2019 7:31 pm

    I love this! Your messages; I swear are something I am either going through a certain situation or thinking about of it!!! You make a video on that subject! Spirit is awesome! Love yah Rebecca!

    God Bless!

    Showana Cole

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