How to Know what Your “Heart’s Desires” are in Every Moment.

Spirit has been talking with me a lot lately about “pay attention to your hearts desire.

You see…our destiny is already written on the walls of our heart. It is our HEAD that keeps getting in the way!

We are always considering the needs and expectations of others (me guilty too)


So…whats’ the quickest way to get your head out of the way?

So that…you can honor the desires of your heart?

Maybe explore giving yourself permission to really “go for it”!


You know that feeling you get when you are LOVING your LIFE and doing what brings you bliss?

That is what our Divine wants for us in every moment!

Our Divine within and our Divine Without! (there is no ‘big boss’ in the sky demanding that we follow some destiny that we don’t want…it is ALL IN OUR HEARTS DESIRES!)

What would it be like to give yourself permission to let your heart soar?

Here is the method I use to get to the HEART of my own hearts desires…

(You can just drop into your heart space and ask …but your head can hi -jack that quickly)


Step 1. Get some plain paper and a pen or pencil.

Step 2. Write this…Dear Heart, What is your innermost desire for us today?

Step 3. Put your pen in the ‘other hand’ and let the words come slowly without censoring.

***It is VERY importnat that you write the question with your DOMINANT hand and then SWITCH to the non-dominant hand to answer. Even if you THINK you know what your heart will say…do it as I ask.

There is MAGIC in the switching as you connect to a part of your brain that can only be accessed this way.



I am going to be VERY vulnerable here and share what my own heart had to say when I did this exercise just now.

Dominant hand: Dear Heart, What is your innermost desire for us today?

Heart: (via non-dominant hand) To let love in. To take love in every moment and NOT censure love. To frolic and play, to dance, to make love in all ways. To be in the moment without concern for tomorrow.

Dominant hand: Is there anything preventing you from having your desires?

Heart: (via non-dominant hand) Yes…you are afraid to allow true love…you PROTECT us so much and look for excuses to run away.

Dominant hand: What can I do about this?

Heart: (via non-dominant hand) Be merciful to yourself. Ask for more healing of your inner most wounds. Simply REALIZING this is a big part of your healing.

I love you,

Your Heart.



There …I have bared my soul to thousands of people.

If this helps you to get in touch with your own heart in a more intimate tender way…then I rejoice!

It is important to take baby steps with this…

You are NOT asking for your hearts desire for the rest of your life. Just for today!

Please use the same questions that I used if you desire.


And please pass this along to anyone you feel will benefit.



Love, Rebecca

Here are a few of my “Hearts” only one kid is missing.



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