Never Hungry, Out of this World, Metabolism Boosting, Fat Loss Course.


Top 12 Reasons your weight loss plan fails. (especially if you are over 40)


If you don’t address the issues in this videio…your fat-loss plan could be DOOMED before you even get started.

#1. Parasite Cleanse:

Millions of American have parasites…It has nothing to do with being dirty. You can get them anywhere! Funny thing is…almost NO DOCTORS ever ask for a stool sample.

You are going to have a hard time resisting cravings if those little buggers are shouting…FEED ME!

#2. Colon Cleanse:

Not cleaning your colon can result in toxic backup and cause ALL kinds of problems. Especially, if you have a load of dead worms down there!

Look up natural colon cleansers…never take chemical ones.

#3. Stomach lining healing:

As you age…so does your stomach lining. If you have heartburn, acid re flux etc…you NEED to heal your stomach lining. 

Slippery Elm is one of the best natural ways to begin this process. get some. (I will cover much more on this in my upcoming course)

#4. Set Point:

The body has a certain weight that it feels comfortable (usually MORE than you like) If you don’t address the set point then your body will throw a raw-dawg fit and hang onto every ounce!

#5. Exercise too hard at first:

OK… gung ho to the gym! Every January, people hit the gym and burn themselves out before two weeks goes by. They begin to DREAD the very thought of exercise.

My easy “before your coffee finishes dripping” routine, starts you off feeling like a million dollars! Gentle, yet effect and motivates you to feel good!


#6 Going too long between feedings:

Ever seen a baby or toddler that goes too long between eating? They get grouchy, upset and will eat anything that comes close.

Same thing happens to you!

#7. Trying to do it all alone:

This is why groups like weight watchers are a success. A whole group come together for a common goal. My course is Universal with people all over the world joining together to help each other out.


# 8. Accountability:

It’s way more likely that you will release fat, love yourself more and release self loathing if you are accountable and loved by someone that CARES about you!

…that will be me.


#9. Emotional issues:

If you DON”T take care of the emotional issues that caused you to get fat in the first place…you can lose it…but you WILL gain it back and then some.

This is one of the most important factors in my 4 week, Never Hungry, Metabolism Boosting, Out of this World Fat loss course. (If you don’t get help from me…get help from someone that you trust.)


#10. Gate keeper:

You can have an unknown spirit, old voice, family member, genetic cellular memories that PREVENY weight Loss no matter what you do.  My program will help you FIND the Gate Keeper and dissipate that energy and FORBID it to ever come back!

#11. Don’t know how to boost metabolism.

As you age…so does your metabolism. Certain glands, certain foods, certain activities ALL play a role in boosting your metabolism. Find out what they are in my course (or google them right now) My course shows you how to use EFT as a primary booster!

#12. Skin Tightening:

You don’t know how to keep your skin from sagging as you lose. This results in “bat wings” and skin that sags down around your knees. Your face can seem like it’s sliding right off your chin too…if you don’t know how to tighten.

You need a COLLEGAN supplement. Get one that is free from pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics.

(My program tells you exactly how to take it so that your skin gets tighter and you are never hungry.)



My Course starts this weekend.

Never Hungry, Out of this World, Metabolism Boosting, Fat Loss Course.

Because I am offering a 30 minute one-on-one…I can take 20 participants.

(You can have it before, during, or after the 4 week course.)

I am not ready with the full details yet but I will tell you this.

I allowed myself to put on a few pounds over the holidays…as of today, I am BELOW where I started.


I KNOW my program works and I KNOW you are never going to feel hungry.

After 5 days on my program…you may NOT even be able to eat HALF of what you put on your plate.



Because there are only 20 spots…shoot me an email and tell me to save you one of those (at least until you get the full details)

*THIS does not obligate you- but I will give YOU the details first so that YOU can grab your spot!

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