Christmas Blessing from Rebecca

It is well known that we have the power to curse…whether it be with our words, thoughts or extreme negative emotions. (I am sure none of MY precious readers are doing this, yet we can feel it when it has been done to us.)

However, did you know that you can unconsciously be ‘cursing’ yourself?

This happens when we allow our inner critic to have full sway over ourselves and start accepting those critical words and thoughts as truth.

Good rule of thumb…if a thought makes you feel small, unholy, unworthy, ugly, not sexy,guilty,ashamed, desperate, judgmental …or just plain DOWN…it’s NOT your Divine self for sure!

When this happens as it surely does to us all…catch yourself!


I choose to appreciate this body and life I have chosen for this incarnation. My own Holy Spirit within now animates my self worth! I choose to listen to that new voice that whispers “You are Precious, Precious, Precious”.

Start with that small change,  and your life will leap forward in NEW and Wonderful self acceptance and self love.

Ok….I AM getting to the blessing I promised!

Realizing that we have the power to curse, makes it even MORE important to turn it around. We also have the power to BLESS!

Not only can we bless ourselves, we can bless others!

From our own Divinity within… we have absolute power to bless. 

I have said often… that the most powerful energy in all the Cosmos is the magnetism of a human heart sending LOVE ON PURPOSE!

Even greater is the BLESSING of a human who realizes that through the power of their own Holy Spirit within that heart love power is MULTIPLIED!

Please read this blessing aloud.

Regardless of human understanding…your own Divine self hears and implements this blessing.

From the love of my human heart and the power of my own HOLY SPIRIT within I choose now to bless you!

I bless your finances.

I bless your health.

I bless your relationships.

I bless your own power of Divinity within….may it be multiplied a thousand fold!

As you realize, acknowledge and  accept the power that you have…it shall grow stronger!

Like a muscle needs to be used…so your Holy Spirit muscle needs to be used.

…and SO IT IS!

I love you…

Your Priestess of Blessing and heart love,


I love you!

PS: Please share this will all you feel are open to this truth.

PSS: If some part of you is STILL feeling unworthy… watch my video to clear this up for you.

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PSSS: If you desire a personalized blessing and assurance that you are precious…send me a text or email

Be sure and include your name and what you most desire a blessing about.

Text: 956-457-5568

Email :    *my personal email (do not reply to THIS email, I may NOT get it)


It may take me a few hours to get back to you considering it is the holidays. However: I promise to respond to each of you. It gives me great pleasure to bless you and to assure you that you ARE PRECIOUS!

PSSS: Folks sometimes don’t believe that I  really WILL answer. I assure you that I take much joy in doing this. (Just be sure and give me your name)



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