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Everyplace you see the word “worry” replace it with the word FEAR…because worry is just a mild form of the word.

Fear is the result of even the slightest bit of worry.

There is an old saying…Worry can kill ya!”

And, if it’s true that STRESS is the greatest killer…then we better get busy leaving this killer and embracing the thriller!


Steve Chandler (Author of 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself) puts it something like this… “ Can you Worry a thing to death?

Ha, the opposite is true.

The more we worry the more LIFE we give it…Until the thing we worry about takes on ‘Frankenstein Monster’ proportions!”


Next step… Paralysis, fear and dread!

Just like Job in the bible when he said…




25 What I feared has come upon me;
what I dreaded has happened to me.
26 I have no peace, no quietness;
I have no rest, but only turmoil.”

Job 3:25-26  (NIV)



*Not that I’m all ‘up into the bible being accurate’…but this time it seems to hit the nail on the head!


So what are you worried about?

Quick…grab a pen and write down 3 things you have fears and worry about today!


Wouldn’t you  LOVE it if that fear would melt away just like magic?

Wouldn’t you LOVE it if instead of FEAR, you were filled with a calm sense of peace and even better…a sense of what you could DO about it?

What if you got a shot in the butt of energy and power to leave that paralysis, fear and dread behind?


What if suddenly you were looking at your world through rose colored glasses and when you took OFF the glasses…everything was STILL rosy?

The BEST thing about my “Killer to Thriller Fear Buster” method, is that you can apply this method to ANY problem or worry you may have.

You need NEVER feel paralyzed with worry and fear again.

I have tested this technique and it works on any fear you could ever have.


Did you know there are two kinds of worry/fear in the world.


#1. The ones you COULD do something about (if you only knew WHAT that was)

#2. The ones you can’t do anything about (like world peace- yet my technique will help with that too)



Q. How can you do this?

A. Using TWO techniques that I have developed for my own worry/fear issues. (What? you think I never worry about anything?)


I will reveal ALL to you in class- Instead of diminishing the effectiveness by trying to explain here- I will DO IT to you!

Experience is the absolute BEST teacher!

It doesn’t matter what kind of worries/fears you have…whether you think you can do something about it, or you can’t do something about it.

(One gentle man feared that the world was going to end very soon, can’t do much about that…my method worked for him!)










I am teaching this twice this weekend by teleclass (take it from ANYWHERE)

If you can’t make either time, register and take it by audio. You don’t need to be present to eradicate your worries.

My TWO Proprietary techniques are so powerfully awesome that you can do the exercises by audio and get the relief you need!


So what are you worried about? What is your FEAR?

That my method won’t work for you?

I believe in this technique so fiercely it’s GUARANTEED! If you DON’T get powerful results… I will GIVE you a private session and shake your tree until the worry/fear falls right off!



The only reason it wouldn’t work is if you don’t WANT it to work!

If you’re so vested in worrying and you feel it is your JOB to worry…God bless your sweet little heart…I do indeed have a treatment for that too!


Teleclass times are: (allow 90 to 120 minutes)

Saturday Nov. 18 at 12 PM eastern, 11 AM central, 9 AM pacific

Sunday Nov 19 at 3 PM eastern, 2 PM central, 12 PM pacific


Fee is 67

(you get the audio too)

Pay plan

Two payments of 37.77 each





Do you qualify to be CERTIFIED in my ‘Worry/fear Buster’ Technique?

You would need to have:

  • A working knowledge of tapping, EFT etc.
  • Ability to read and follow instructions (kindergarten easy)
  • To have used the techniques on yourself successfully


That’s it!

I am making this SUPER EASY for you to become certified. I will provide a step-by-step manual and hold a tele-class training for you.


Fee for certification: 197.

(Includes class, audios, instruction manual and instruction teleclass)

Certification teleclass will be held two weeks after these sessions.

Love, Rebecca

PS: I dated a guy once who thought he was showing his love for me by worrying about me! Every time I went on a trip, he worried I would be in an accident. If I sneezed he would proclaim…”I’m’ so worried you are getting sick”

I explained to him that his constant worrying was like cursing me…as a matter of fact, I would have terrible issues in my throat after just a few minutes with him.

He just got worse…so I left his “worrying ass” far behind!

He did NOT even want to use my technique- he was too vested in his identity as “worry as a show of love.”

Annoyed the ever-lovin’ pee pee out of me!



PSS: Did you make your list of what you are worried about?

Wanna Stop?



PSSS: Please don’t be like the guy I dated and worry yourself sick…it is a sad life!










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