Earth Changes as Prophesied: You DON”T Have to Die!

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I received this message about the earth changes on Oct 5, 2017.

Sri Yukteswar, is the guru who taught Yogananda. He has ascended to a higher realm and is now in charge of helping other souls to evolve.


From Sri Yukteswar


The earth changes as prophesied are now upon us… You have seen evidence of this in recent earthquakes, tsunami‘s, hurricanes, the melting of the polar ice cap, and dramatic changes in weather.


 Yet this is not the time to despair and wring your hands in helplessness.


This is the time to rejoice because it is also a time of great Ascension and changes in energetic climate within humanity.


Even as calamities unfold you also see the evolution of the human spirit as you band together to assist one another.


Much love is being generated as your hearts reach out in compassion.


It is in a time of great need that great compassion is generated.


When one allows that spirit of compassion to come forth, much forward growth also comes forth.


Know this… these earth changes are not any kind of punishment for miss deeds.

However… many are resulting partly from how mankind has treated Gaia.


Many of us have treated her with utter disrespect out of greed and sometimes in simple ignorance.


There are no innocent ones!

All who are on earth today… chose this exact moment in time to be here.


Some of us came to be part of the “sparks of compassion”.


Some came to be part of the solution… all came with a purpose, even if it was to be part of the resistance to change.


 Many less lives can be lost in future calamities by being aware and tuned into your inner guidance.


You need not be in the area of a tragedy if  you take the time to tune in to what your inner guidance is telling you.


Gaia must be respected as a living entity that she is.


Make love offerings to her!

Send loving energy down into her very core.


Rebecca, you have been shown many times visions of Gaia as a woman in travail… as a woman giving birth and in a hard labor.


 Even as you are being birthed into the fifth dimension so Gaia is being birthed into a higher dimension as well.


Some of you are being guided to move to different areas of the country… and the world!

Follow that guidance.


 As you move towards following your hearts prompting, heaven and earth will move to assist you.


It is time to get out of the logic of your head and into the true wisdom of your heart.

Pay attention, and KNOW… your heart will never ask you to do anything that’s not in your highest good.


There is no need to get into fear and panic, even if it was your intention to come and be one of the souls who inspired compassion… By the giving up of your earthly life or your earthly possessions.


You are not obligated to follow through with an OLD contract… awareness is everything!

State out loud your new intentions…” I  desire to be of service to Gaia and the Ascension and I desire to do so with no harm to me or my loved ones.”


This is a time of going within more deeply than you ever have before.


There are great assemblages of light beings, Star folks, and interdimensional friends who are rising to help. Trust your own hearts guidance, state boldly what it is that you are desiring!


Wake up! You are NOT helpless!


You intended to evolve to the place of being awake…

A great part of being awake is realizing you were capable of changing your outcomes.


There is nothing written in stone, as you evolve, your desires change.



From Rebecca:

Sri Yukteswar gave me permission to add a little more insight into this message.

Some of you may be fearful that you did contract to come here, to lose your life, to lose your property… to be one of those who inspired compassion.



What Sri Yukteswar is saying is simple.


Even if that was your intention, now that you are awake enough to know that…you now have the authority and the power to change your blueprint.


You are not obligated to be one of those who loses their life or loses their property. By your awareness of it, new wisdom comes.


We NEED leaders who are more fully awake!


You are indeed capable of changing the outcome of your life this very moment.




By going within, by walking in the spiritual authority that you have.

 Declare boldly:

 I choose to be part of the ascension.

I choose to live in joy.

I choose to be of assistance to others.



Thank you for listening to this vital message.




Love, Rebecca



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PSS: Please pass this along to any you know who are feeling fearful about all the earth changes that are happening as we speak.

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