Azuron, Neptune, the Void: The Unique Power ONLY Humans have.


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*Receiving this channeling just before Thanksgiving makes my heart filled with gratitude for YOU! For your willingness to explore outside the box, and for your own magnificent heart love!


Azuron and I were hovering together, just outside the earth’s atmosphere.

We were in a void of blackness, yet I could easily see down to planet earth and as far away as Neptune.

Courtesy NASA

You are safe Azuron said…we had to shift completely into your light body to make this journey together.

I held out my hands, they looked like 4th of July sparklers giving light into the void around us.  … Then, I looked at my entire body.

My body was space and sparks of pulsating electrical energy.

I could actually SEE the spaces between my cells, with the universe showing through!



I had retained my human shape but it was spiking off electrical charges and circulating energy throughout all my body.

The sparks extended out from my being like tiny solar flares.

(I found a picture on the web, yet it doesn’t begin to describe accurately what I saw)

I don’t know who to give credit to for this


Why are you showing me this, Azuron I asked?

Pay attention to your heart, he said. I looked down into my chest cavity/space and saw the ‘engine that runs the cosmos’…my heart.



Not just my heart of course, but the whole of humanity holding unlimited power in the electrical magnetism of the heart.





I will explain more by showing you, Azuron says.

Come let us go to the farthest reaches of your known planetary system…Neptune.


It seemed only seconds elasped as we zoomed past other planetary bodies.

We must return here so that I may explore these other planets, I thought to myself.


(Azuron had alluded to a great Karmic cleansing and shifting vortex located deep within one of the planets)

More to come on that soon.


We touched down on the surface of Neptune. It was MASSIVE! I felt absolutely no discomfort. (The Light Body Rocks!)

Now turn your awareness towards the earth, Azuron asks.

I do as Azuron  asked… and I can still see the blue and green marble that is HOME.


Now, from your heart, send love to just one person there.

I do as directed and immediately see an answering twinkle from the surface of earth.


Now, send love to a group of people, Azuron suggests.

I send heart love to a group and see the joyful response of thousands of sparks of  light winking back at me.

There is no distance the power of the heart cannot reach!


This is your greatest human power Azuron states.


You are the only species who have the power to ‘love on purpose’, to the degree that you do. …you can dial it up, or you can dial it down.


It is true that many other species are loving. However; none have the control of love as humans do.

(The Hathors visited ancient Egypt and brought many advances in civilization)

The Hathors are one of the most loving species in all of the galaxies…so much so their worst state is akin to what we consider ecstasy.

Yes the Hathors ARE love, they don’t chose to love… and they don’t choose NOT to love. They just love.


One of the reasons many species have warred for control of your planet is to try and harness this power of love that you have.


The only way nefarious species could keep you from this knowledge was to introduce chaos, strife, hatred etc,.

This interference kept you distracted from the power that you have.

The very great power and magnetism of a human heart ‘loving on purpose”!


The more that humanity wakes up and begins to realize the heart power they have, the greater the abundance, peace, joy, happiness and ascension for all!


From Rebecca: Azuron, how can people increase the level of their heart’s magnetism?


Azuron: By CHOOSING to love…and not just other people, start with your very own self!

Expand that love to objects around you. Express love in as many ways as possible.


Example; Choose a plant and treat it with love,. Touch it, speak to it. Sit a distance from it and send it love.

My rescue fern, I sit and love on it daily.


It is VERY good to practice love with what you consider inanimate objects.

We don’t consider ANYTHING inanimate because we know that all things have consciousness.


If you practice loving with objects such as plants, houses, the vehicles you drive, you eliminate any desperation around reciprocation.

This makes your hearts magnetism grow very strong.




Loving on purpose simply because you CAN…is the most beneficial thing

you can do for yourself and your planet!



Azuron continues…WE see that in your romantic love, you send love and if it is not reciprocated…you feel despair.

We also see this despair in parent/sibling or family/friend love.


One party may feel less loved than other parties. This brings in all kinds emotions that ‘water down’ the true power of your hearts magnetism.


We encourage you to practice ‘loving on purpose’ with people and objects that you have no need or expectations of reciprocity with.


Do this and watch your power grow.

You will become a very powerful magnet and attract wonders you never dreamed of into your space of awareness.


If you have a hard time loving…try appreciation!

If you can’t do even that…try observation.

Observation of a thing with “intent to appreciate or love” causes growth in itself.


As we observe your energy patterns, we see a tendency to feel overwhelm if the entire plot or plan is not revealed. It is a great step of faith to start with the tiniest of changes.


That was the end of my conversation with Azuron in that segment.

He quickly returned me to planet earth and I easily settled back into my earthly body.


The nutshell of my understanding is thus.

  1. We have great power in our ability to love on purpose.
  2. Our power gets diminished when we love only to have that love returned by the one we are sending it to.

(Azuron points out that sending love is never wasted. Perhaps the one you are sending it to is not returning love the way you would like…yet you are depositing treasure in your “bank of love” and it cannot help but be returned in some way)

  1. We can increase our power and capacity to love by loving ourselves first.
  2. We can increase it further by loving inanimate objects with no expectation of return.
  3. There is no distance too great for the magnetism of human heart love to reach out to.


Please share this message with anyone you  love, appreciate or care about.


Love, Rebecca


PS: In case you have not been following my work with Azuron.

He is a tenth dimensional Arctutrian healer.

Azuron channels inter dimensional healing energies through me.


Read more on Azuron here:

Azuron case studies: True accounts of Inter-dimensional Healing.








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