You May Have This Spirtual Gift and Not Even Know it!

Do you know what is considered to be the Greatest Spiritual Gift of all?


This Gift is available to EVERYONE and can be developed to a very powerful level…and this gift does MORE good in the world than any other!

You don’t have to spend hours meditating to develop this gift…

You don’t have to give up any earthly pleasures.

You don’t have to be so holy and righteous that you just STINK!

You don’t need to compare this gift to anyone else’s gift.

You don’t need to fast and pray.


As a matter of fact…you don’t even need to worry if you have it or not…


You just have to recognize that you already DO have it and then USE it!



Now, I’ll bet a lot of you are already using this gift…yet you don’t realize the value of it.

Are you ready to find out what  the mysterious gift is?

The Gift of being an Up lifter!



You didn’t know being an uplifter was a gift?


Our purpose is to bring more light and love into the world…right?

Being an up lifter not only brings light and love to others…it brings a whole truckload of blessings right back to you!

There is absolutely no way around it…when you give out encouraging, uplifting words, smiles, gestures, it’s GONNA come back to you magnified.

Why do you think I occasionally ask you to text or email me so that I can send you an uplifting message?

(956-222-9538 or email if you want one from me)

Like a lamb…leaping for joy!

It stirs up some powerful, feel good MOJO!

A couple days ago…a lady who attended one of my seminars a few years ago sent me the email below. It was just out of the blue, yet it came at a perfect time.

This email is a perfect example of someone following Inner Guidance and being an Up Lifter! Receiving this email made me feel so good!




From SJ

Rebecca,  Remember when everyone in the seminars knew their purpose, was working their spiritual gifts, and singing their sacred songs?

I felt like I was sitting in the back row auditing the course; outside looking in.

Your simple methods of teaching and communications with Mother Azna and Sanat Kumara awakened me to a sense of myself,  too.

Rebecca, you do a lot of good – on Earth and in the spirit world.

Saying “Thank you” does not fully convey my gratitude.  I am honored to be counted as one in your circle.

Love and Peace!   SJ


This darling lady is a perfect example of being an up lifter!

SJ may have felt like she was “outside looking in” yet there she sat with this vast, yet unacknowledged gift.


When you take the time to say something up lifting, smile at someone, send positive energy…you are being an up lifter!

Have you ever been feeling crappy and then someone smiles at you or says something nice and it changes your whole outlook? 

When one out look gets changed for the better it starts a whole chain of events for the better.


There is no easier, higher way to be of service to the universe than to be the instigator of positive change by being an up lifter!


Some may need a few tips to get started developing your own talents as an up lifter so I created a little guide.

Spirit is guiding me to insert some answers to  of some common objections (Critical Voice) that could come up for you.



How to Become a Top Notch Up Lifter:

A.  Know that you already have the capacity to shift energy.

Critical Voice. What? You aren’t very happy yourself, how do you think you have the power to help uplift someone else?

Answer to Objection: Having the intention to up lift someone else will automatically uplift you. When you smile, it may seem fake at first. Changing your physicality will change your mental state.


B. If you are spiritual, ask your guides and angels to bring others into contact with you...then you can say nice things, smile…or just make eye contact. If you are NOT spiritual, no worries. You have your own inner guidance and set the intent to up lift…it will happen.


C. Just let it flow. Wherever you go, smile, send loving intent. Ask people “How is your day going so far”- open doors for people, tell people they have nice eyes, or nice smile or anything!


D. Think of people you can send thanks too. If you can call them, email them, or Facebook them it’s good. Maybe they have already crossed over, or they are out of touch. No worries…send them loving, thankful, appreciation by your thoughts.

E. Appreciate your gift of being an up lifter! There is no better way to make any gift GROW…than to appreciate it!

Critical Voice. Being an up lifter is not a REAL spiritual gift. It can’t be this easy…you need to SUFFER to develop any REAL spiritual gift!

Answer to Objection: This is a remnant of the old slave mentality…”you have to suffer to be spiritual.” Perhaps the greatest LIE ever placed upon humanity. You are free from this bondage and false teaching.


There you have it…now go out and KNOW that you already ARE that which you seek. You already ARE an up lifter with the greatest spiritual gift in all of the cosmos. You choose to develop it further by simply ‘doing it!’



Please pass this along to anyone you feel will LOVE it!


For a PDF of the HOW TO, that you can print out. click here.

How to Become a Top Notch Up Lifter




Love and appreciation to you…

Rebecca (EFT Outlaw)

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