Tenth Dimensional Glandular healing

Now an Effective Audio program. Azuron designed this course to be as effective by audio as if we were sitting right in front of you.

Azuron, Arcturian 10th dimensional healer has asked me to teach a 3 week course to “Clean the sludge” from 3 major glands.

Thyroid, Pituitary, and Pineal glands. If this interests you…read on.


Nutshell version: Up front





According to Azuron, 10th dimensional Arcturian healer, each gland in human system ‘picks up and emits (emotes) these emotional vibrations.


Thyroid: Picks up the Sorrows of the world.

Pituitary: Picks up the confusion of the world.

Pineal: Picks up the helplessness of the world.


Azuron intends to help shift these poisenous Light patterns and replace with healthy antidotes:

Not sure WHO to give credit to for this wonderful photo



Thyroid: Joy is the antidote to sorrow.

Pituitary: Clarity is the antidote to confusion.

Pineal: Empowerment is the antidote to helplessness.

Each “messed up” gland causes health issues too:






Nutshell: Laymans terms.

Messed up Thyroid can result in: Being fat, balding, bulging eyes, too thin, course skin, losing eyebrows, not sleeping and getting up all night to pee!


Messed up Pituitary can result in: No sex drive, can’t get an erection, decreases in muscle strength and tone, bad moods.Tired, tired, tired…


Messed up Pineal can result in: Can’t tell night from day, reproductive hormones off. (We ALL know that the pineal is home of our spiritual connection but THAT’s not in any textbook)


If this interests you…keep reading!




Azuron, 10th dimensional Arcturian healer has finally given me permission to do “Group” healings!

In the beginning of my association with Azuron, my energy was not accustomed to being the channel for such enormous dimensional shifts.


I would literally be wiped out for hours after a session.


So why is Azuron now asking me to channel his powerhouse energy in a group setting?


My body has now become acclimated to the enormous dimensional shifts and I am able to ‘step down’ the power so that YOU can benefit with no extreme shocks to your system.


Azuron is now allowing group healings as long as TWO conditions are met.

(To both PROTECT my energy system while PROVIDING maximum benefit for you)




Two Conditions:


#1. The group healing must be for a specific condition that the entire group is in need of healing for.

#2. There be extensive clearing BEFORE he begins to shift the light patterns. (and guess who is giving me the clearing exercises?)


You see, Azuron can READ Light Patterns easily…however; Azuron can ONLY shift those patterns that are ready to be shifted. The clearings he is giving will get the entire group in the correct position to be shifted!








Here is the conversation I had with Azuron…



“So, DR. Azuron, what are the conditions you see that everyone is suffering from? What would you suggest for your first group healing?”



“As I survey the light patterns of humanity as a whole, the greatest need that ALL seem to hold… is healing of the glandular systems.


I will begin with a 3 part series to shift and heal theses major glands.

  1. Thyroid
  2. Pituitary
  3. Pineal


I can see great distortion of the light patterns emitting from these glands.

Almost no one has these 3 glands that are in perfect or even healthy conditions. Many babies are being born that already has slight dysfunction of these glandular systems.”


Azuron continues… “Even though there are many healers working on these glands, they are leaving out two critical steps. While ANY healing modality is helpful, leaving these two steps out will not give long lasting results.

This information has simply NOT been given out before.”


Rebecca: “Well what the heck are the two steps?”







“Almost all glands are tied into TWO critical anchor points:

#1. The thymus– balances immune response

#2. The amygdala- governs your emotional TRIGGER response

Any glandular healing that does not incorporate these two areas… will not be as complete or beneficial as could be.”

(Azuron adds that he invites all healers to pay attention and to incorporate this information to improve results)


Azuron continues…


The Thymus: Peaks in size about the age of 14, then diminishes, we will be re-activating the thymus. It mistakenly thinks it has built up your immune system sufficiently (hence the decrease in size) However; with new viruses and more resistant bacteria, humanity NEEDS the thymus fully onboard.


The Amygdala: Can hold the trigger points of many lifetimes. As I scan the Amygdala of the masses, I see that many are riddles with energetic implants.

Some of these implants are being controlled by outside forces.


Energetic implants in the amygdala plays a key role in some  seemingly random mass murders that are occurring as if ‘out of the blue’-

There is NOTHING random about it! “


(This is a topic for another time, for now, we will begin the shifting, clearing, removal of energetic implants that are causing you grief.)



“Can you tell us what you see going on with each of the glands?

What kind of emotions/conditions you see in the light patterns?”




Thyroid…from a “light pattern’ standpoint, this gland is holding onto the “sorrows of the world”- considering the state of your planet right now, this is a heavy burden and extremely taxing to the thyroid.


If you feel as if you are carrying a heavy burden…you can be sure your thyroid is affected.”



I looked up thyroid function from a science standpoint and here is what I found:

The thyroid gland produces hormones which regulate the body’s metabolic rate as well as heart and digestive function, muscle control, brain development and bone maintenance. Its correct functioning depends on having a good supply of iodine from the diet.

Azuron adds: Thyroid: why do you suppose it needs iodine?

Energetically because of the connection to the sea. Much thyroid function it’s not up to par do you to the decline of our oceans. We are literally feeling the sorrow of the oceans eco system and creatures.



We cannot infuse the Thyroid with the antidote of JOY, until we:

  • Release cellular memories, morphic resonance, of this and past lifetimes.
  • Release, cleanse, and heal unhealthy ties to thymus and amygdala.
  • Dissolve, disavow, and forgive any implants.


Only then will this gland will be ready to experience healing from the Arcturian Regeneration chamber.




“What about the Pituitary?”



“The Pituitary energetically reflects the confusion of the world.”


Clues that you have issues here is ‘feeling as if you are on a loop, or holding pattern in some area of life.

  • Not knowing which direction to go.
  • Feeling stuck about weight, finance, relationships… can’t move forward.
  • Looking outside yourself for permission, trying too hard to please.


We cannot infuse the Pituitary with the antidote of CLARITY, until we:

  • Release cellular memories, morphic resonance, of this and past lifetimes.
  • Release, cleanse, and heal unhealthy ties to thymus and amygdala.
  • Dissolve, disavow, and forgive any implants.



Only then will this gland will be ready to experience healing from the Arcturian Regeneration chamber.



“Ok, can we move to the Pineal? To me, this is a very important gland. All my colleagues refer to this as “The 3rd Eye”



“It is very urgent to do healing of this gland. The Pineal can be liked unto the ARK of The COVENANT! A built-in transmitter to God! With this gland picking up the energy of helplessness, many may be feeling rudderless, dis empowered, disconnected from Source. “

Rebecca: “Why are you asking me to do the Pineal Gland healing last,  if it’s …a transmitter to God?”



The pineal comes last because clearing the other glands first will enable more direct contact, better receiving, and restoration of many latent abilities.

This will cause a realization of the powerful God energy that you are!

When you pineal is diminished you may experience.

  • A sense of disconnection to Source
  • Looking to others for guidance
  • Not trusting any psychic information you get
  • Believing others have more power than you
  • Fear of displeasing some Deity

(There are so many issues with the blocked pineal, you will have your own personal ones)


Piezo Pineal

I would NOT place the pineal last if I have not been studying human light patterns so intensely and seen the potential.

We cannot infuse the Pineal with the antidote of EMPOWERMENT until we:

  • Release cellular memories, morphic resonance, of this and past lifetimes.
  • Release, cleanse, and heal unhealthy ties to thymus and amygdala.
  • Dissolve, disavow, and forgive any implants.


Only then will this gland will be ready to experience healing from the Arcturian Regeneration chamber.




“You keep mentioning the Arcturian Regeneration chamber.  What is that and what can it do.?”



Arcturians live for thousands of years due to our technology. The greatest anti-aging tool we have is the Regeneration chamber.

Inside this chamber, tissues are renewed, and revitalized. It is important to have clearing done first as we do not wish to ‘renew’ any aberrant patterns. I will instruct you how to take your clients as light bodies into the 8th dimension for a short session in the chambers. “



(This is true as Azuron has already shown me a vision as to how to bring several people at once into these chambers.)

Along with the intense clearings…Azuron wants me to give you a ‘shorty’ exercise that you can do often to keep the regeneration going.


Rebecca continues…

What kinds of RESULTS can participants expect?



All will experience individual results. Some are more ready than others. The clearing exercises I give you for them will greatly accelerate results.

  • Just getting rid of ‘the sorrows of the world’ energies, will cause a new feeling of “lightness” of body, mind, spirit.
  • Reducing the energies of “Confusion of the world” will give a sense of clarity and forward movement.
  • Releasing the energy of “helplessness” and realizing your sovereignty will empower you to take giant leaps forward on your journey. 



Will any of this clearing  help people  have more financial wealth?


Ha, ha, ha…I KNEW that was coming!

Of course! Getting free from so much restriction and burden will give you confidence to follow the guidance you have already been getting!

Feeling empowered enough to follow your deepest hearts calling always results in more abundance.




This MUST be given as a 3 part course. Each week we will focus on clearing, healing, regenerating a specific gland.

I will teach on each gland two times each week (to give you a chance to attend LIVE)

However, Azuron says you can get ALL the benefits my taking this by audio.

The way Azuron structures the healing, you don’t have to dig into your past. He SEES the Light patterns of your past, present, future and directs the clearing that will affect all simultaneously!

(allow 90 to 120  minutes for each clearing segmant)









 The audio contains ALL the Power forever!

I will send you the audio as soon as each segment is over. You can ask me any questions by email.

(You get the audio of ALL sessions, even if you join in week 3)

Fee for this most unique course:


Savings Extended!

..  $247



Payment plan:

4 payments of  79.97 each (30 days apart)

Yes, the pay plan will help me get this healing.

Pay plan


Love, Rebecca

PS: I used some graphics from the web. I do not know who to give credit to for them. I like to PURCHASE images when possible.

PSS: If you feel someone in your life is ready for this type experience. Pass this along. http://wp.me/pq2xG-3yT

PSSS: Disclaimer (Sigh, gotta do it) This class is not meant to replace your physicians directives or to encourage you to stop taking any medications. This is an ENERGETIC, Inter dimensional clearing. Anytime you shift the energetics for the better, health improves.



PSSSS: Did I say, “I love you”?


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