Las Vegas shooting, Silvia Browne, Mediators wanted

A few days before the Vegas Shooting, Silvia Browne came to me at 3 AM to give me an important message about “How to pray for Souls lost in chaos”…

(I don’t know why Silvia seems to always come around about 3 AM…it has always been with an important message)

I had no idea the message would be so important.


Considering the enormous number of calamities and tragedies  in the last few months this message is right on target.

Can you imagine how many souls who were killed in fear and chaos are lost and confused?

We can help…

Watch the video please and pass along as guided.

Watch here:





Love and Blessings,



PS: I am planning a video live stream “Tapping for Sorrow” event soon. Please hit REPLY and share your thoughts with me.

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