If You Could do Anything…What Would it Be?

If you could do ANYTHING…what would it be for you?

(Go here to see purty pictures; http://wp.me/pq2xG-3zq )

Have you ever put some thought towards the rest of your life?


What things would you do MORE of if you did not have the constant worry over money, or health, or time?

What if you learned you only had so much time left in this physical body?


(I will share mine, please share yours)

Here’s what I would do (If I could do ANYTHING I wanted)

Of course, spending time with family and friends is a given.


I would dance more, learn more steps, and have a fabulous dance partner.

Making Love:

I would make love more…but only with a really good lover!

Legacy: Uplifting Videos and personal text messages:

I would enjoy bringing pleasure, joy, confidence, and juicy good feelings to as many people as possible! (I already do a lot…would do more!)

Private Sessions:

I would do more… Especially the private Azuron tenth dimensional healing sessions. M-F (It is the most rewarding work I have done …ever!)


I would teach at least ONE life changing channeled healing tele class monthly.

(The Azuron 10th  dimensional healing seminars are ‘rock your boat’ powerful!)


Gee, that is almost how my life is already!

(Still working on the “making love more” thing.)

Also, working on getting that fabulous dance partner!



What about you?

What kinds of things would you do if you could do anything you wanted too?


Let’s play a game- leave your VISION in the comment section on this page.

Others will have fun reading them and feel inspired.




I can get started more on the UPLIFTING others legacy  RIGHT NOW… by offering  an uplifting personal message by text.

956-222-9538 (texts only please)  tell me your name. I will respond ASAP.

If you would rather be uplifted by email (don’t hit REPLY… it may go to spam) Email childsuzy@yahoo.com 


Love, Rebecca




PS: You can join in the current Azuron tenth dimensional Glandular healing teleseminar now.

You missed week one but you can catch up by audio.



This week is the Pituitary gland healing. This will set you free of confusion!


The Pituitary gland is kinda like the boss of hormone production and is often known as the Master Gland.

Did you know that if a transplanted organ is rejected…it is almost always related to theses 3 glands?

  • Thyroid
  • Pituitary
  • Pineal

Those are the exact 3 glands Azuron asked me to cover in his first ‘group healing’ class. Are you feeling rejected, confused,sorrowful, or helpless?


Read more about the Azuron Teleseminar here:




See if an Azuron private session feels right for you:

(Should it be Free?) http://rebeccamarina.com/2017/08/advice-from-aruron-should-all-spiritual-stuff-be-free/


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