Who are “The Harmonics”and When Do You call on them?

As I am writing this…it’s 3 Am… I woke up from a sound sleep and felt…”Well, I’m up, what a perfect time to share some really good news with the most precious people on earth…my readers!”



Earlier that day, I was working with a client in an inter-dimensional healing session with Azuron, 10th dimensional healer.

(Azuron Stories) http://wp.me/pq2xG-3xf

Azuron can sense light patterns in both the client and the energies around them. My precious client had been experiencing a lot of anxiety and stress due to attention upon the increasing drama and chaos happening in upon our planet right now.


Azuron told me he sensed a presence coming in of “The Harmonics” and they wanted permission to assist her.

The Harmonics are a group of angelic being created to bring harmony to our world. I began communicating with the team that were there to assist my client. They asked for her to call upon them whenever she was feeling stressed or anxious.

“The Harmonics” will come and sing to her in the night and calm not only her… but the energies all around her.

You see, chaos thoughts attract more chaos thoughts and pretty soon your mind gets overwhelmed with distress.

It can start out all slow and sneaky… like worrying about something small and then escalate way out of control!

The Harmonics are waiting to be asked to help ALL of us!

The forces of chaos do NOT respect human will or sovereignty…if they can get a foot in the door, they will do it!

Forces of Light respect human will above all else…this is actually the easiest way to discern light from dark.

If a being demands that you “do something” or worship them…run!

If a being respects your human will and right to think for yourself…take their advice and pass it through the filter of your heart.

The Harmonics tell me that when they are present and have permission to ‘calm your space’, it is like a shield of protection against the chaotic energies that may be interfering with your peace.

They always come in at least teams of 3…they do their work by making harmonic sound waves. (inaudible to the human ear).

These sound waves of harmony are audible to all energies and the chaos forces cannot stay in this harmonic environment without being affected.

Hey, maybe some of THEM will choose to ascend though the transformation portal and change their “work status’.


The Harmonics assure me that there are many teams just waiting to be called upon. As I said earlier, I was awake before 3 (not on purpose)

Later, I actually woke up with a few worries on my own sweet little mind…before they got out of control, I remembered my session with precious client and called upon The Harmonics.

Within moments, my thoughts calmed right down and I felt very peaceful and happy….so much so that I could not wait to share this with you.


Please pass this along to all you know who are desiring of more peace.





PS: And PLEASE…call upon The Harmonics right now…for your own most precious, darling self! MMMWWWAAA!

PSS: Later that day, I experienced a very disturbing family situation. I quickly called upon The Harmonics and it was like magic! All the chaos drained right out of the situation within just minutes.


Call them!

PSSS: In case you need guidance on how to call them…simply say out loud or silently…”Team of harmonics, please come to this situation now.”


PSSSS: I am so thrilled to be working with the Arcturian inter-dimensional healer, Azuron. The results people are getting are so moving. I usually am crying with tenderness during the entire session.

Read some “Azuron Stories” and see if this type of session would be beneficial to you. (If you are not sure if you need this, call or text. 956-457-5568. (Azuron Stories) http://wp.me/pq2xG-3xf



Azuron will quickly scan your Light patterns and let you know. Sometimes, he says a regular consult is better for you…because he can only shift the light patterns that are ‘ripe n ready’ for shifting.  (You could need entities released or emotional freedom first)


Did I say “Hugs” yet? Please share this email. 

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