What is YOUR Lucky Direction? Free Quiz

Yesterday…I felt so lethargic I could hardly move…it was as if I was in some kind of time warp!

Actually, very pleasant…I kept feeling little electrical tingles coming and going all over my body.


You see, I have been working a lot with  the “Inter-dimensional” healer…Azuron  and this requires me to go up and down the scale of dimensions from 3 to 8.

I finally just gave up trying to get any work done and laid down to enjoy the weird sensations( I have learned that big  shifts in conscientiousness often bring some strange bodily sensitivities.)

This morning as I was walking across my Living room floor, I heard…”You better re-check your Lucky direction.”

*For me, “lucky direction simply means the direction from which I receive the best downloads)

I used the steps in the Free exercise to below and discovered that my own personal direction had shifted from Direct east to West and a bit north.

Sure enough, I faced my “new direction” the next Azuron session I gave and the energy was like turning on a fire hydrant!

Find your Lucky Direction Exercise:

(use your imagination for this)

Step 1. Imagine what lady Luck would look like to you. (even if you don’t believe…just ‘play’ OK?)

Step 2. Determine the directions east, west, north and south (if you don’t know PRETEND that you DO know and label them in your mind_ or ask someone)

Step 3. With your eyes closed…face east, pretend you see lady Luck...how close is she to you?

Step 4. Repeat Step 3 facing west…how close is she?

Step 5. Repeat Step 3 facing north…  how close is she?

Step 6. repeat step 3 facing south…how close is she?

Step 7. Determine in which direction she felt closest to you. This is your BEST direction to receive insight from. Try it!


To honor This process, I have put my best ‘Scientifically Change bad Luck to Good Luck” AUDIO course on coupon sale for you.



Just a brief look at this audio course:

In this audio course, I will reveal the four Unlucky behaviors and Habits (so that you can change and avoid them)

and the four Lucky Behaviors and Habits that you can easily adopt.

Once you know Exactly what is Killing your Luck…you can change it.

Although the scientific way to better luck seems certain, I cannot leave out the spiritual …I have seen lives influenced too many times by things out of our control. “bad luck, karma, etc”




First, let me define Curse or karma as relating to this class: “Any negative forms (or clouds) of energy that you or others close to you strongly believe- can affect you”.

Examples (any One or Combination of the following)

• A spell or curse upon your lineage (include, Gypsy, curses, Shaman/medicine man, evil eye, etc)

 A past life experience that you volunteered to bring forward to heal

 A “loser” attitude (A spiral of self- defeat that is almost impossible to get out of alone.

(In a nutshell, if you feel paralyzed to do anything to help yourself, you are likely under the spell of some strong negative energies and beliefs)


Get the full story while the Coupon savings still applies. (Dirt Cheap with coupon)



Love, Rebecca



PS: Please pass the “Lucky Direction” exercise around for fun! 

PSS: After YOU do the process, email me and tell me what your own  ‘best direction’ is. rebecca@rebeccamarina.com


PSSS: OOOPS, almost forgot… you might want to know how your “Best direction” can come in handy…

How Can You Benefit  From  Your  Lucky Direction?

* Forget something?
Turn to your personal lucky direction –
it will come to you quickly.

* “Intimate Relations?” Face your LD and prepare to be rocked…

* Need Ideas to make Money? Face your LD and be more inspired.

* Spiritual growth? Meditate from your LD and info gets thru to you
much easier.

* Meeting someone  you want to impress? Position yourself so they see
you in your ‘luckiest  light’.

Get the full story while the Coupon savings still applies. (Dirt Cheap with coupon)


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