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You are going to LOVE this audio program! You have NEVER experienced such and EASY way to get to know all about your spirit Guide!

Why do I call it “Grow Rich with Your Spirit Guide”?

Because your guide feels RICH when you are living an abundant life! (and can help you become MORE abundant and prosperous in all your life!)

Wouldn’t you LOVE to know all about your guide?

  • Your Chief Guides name (and what a Chief Guide is)
  • KNOW what your guide is here to teach you
  • KNOW what your guide looks like, hair, gender, height, etc.
  • Learn when to call in a more advanced guide and why
  • Learn how to adjust your vibrations to your guides for ease of communication
  • KNOW it is Ok to let go and let your guide really help you
  • Learn what kind of lifetime your guide has had
  • Learn why your guide asked to be assigned to you
  • See your vibrations “ thru the eyes of your guide” and see where you are out of balance
  • Learn the one thing that guides DON’T LIKE you to use them for
  • Know how you can attract ONLY guides of 100% pure Light


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When you NEED to know!


Q. What is the difference between guides and angels?

A. Angels have always been angels; guides were human at least once and now serve humanity from the spirit world.

Q. Ok, Rebecca, sounds awesome but I have no psychic skills and am afraid I cannot get in touch with my guide. How are you going to teach this?

A. Well, I am going to teach this class the blond-proof easy way, of course.

First we have to activate your psychic reception areas. (I have learned of an acupressure area that opens up your intuitive abilities splendidly.)

Next, we have to give your guide permission to get thru to you.

For sure, we will tap on all the resistance you may feel about getting in real, intimate connection with your guide.

We will move forward from there.

Q. Why is it important to establish a real, solid connection with my guide?

A. For one thing, your guide cannot grow with you ignoring their subtle advice all the time– for another your life will take on an ease and grace once you start letting your guide use their talents for you.

Your guide’s goal is to help you accomplish your soul purpose.

IE_ Part of MY soul purpose is to help other healers realize their monetary value and grow richer. My chief guide Sol is always busy bringing me fresh ideas and other high beings of light to help out.

In short, if your money vibration is out of whack, you need some help from your guide. If your love, health, or emotional vibrations are off- you need help with that too. Learning to tune in and let your guides do their job is the easiest way for Both of you to grow.

Q. What is the most important thing I can get from this audio?

A. The realization that you have a bonafied PARTNERSHIP with your guides and angels. They asked to be assigned to you for a specific purpose. They have awesome and mighty powers to put to use for you which are PERSONALLY tailored to help you grow.

Stop being helpless in any area of your life and let your guides help you kick-butt already!

As with all of the classes I teach- I ask you to go to your heart and see if this is for you.  (Your guide may be whacking the daylights out of your shoulder trying to get you to register)



Here is the link to download this FREE Gift.

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Here is the link to download this FREE Gift.

Download here:

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