Azuron case studies: True accounts of Inter-dimensional Healing.

These are a few of the case Studies of those working with the energy of Azuron, inter- dimensional healer!


From C. M. in Texas

I have taken many of Rebecca’s classes and always benefited from them, but this one with Azuron?

I really, really BENEFITED  from it!

I have always felt that there was something surrounding me preventing me from being who I really am and doing what I can really do!

…cutting me off from my real life —and there was—Azuron smashed down a huge wall that encircled me and I felt and heard him doing it, OMG!

I felt a bit spacey as if I were in an altered universe for awhile.


A great feeling of openness and freedom and being able to really breathe.

Yes, I did just lay on the couch for awhile basking in this newness.  At times I still can recreate that feeling.  Azuron is “my guy!”




From S.M. of Australia

Sure happy to share .
I have a few very particular concerns and that is why I have wanted a few sessions with
Azuron .
My understanding that Arcturus and the Acturians are very benevolent beings .
I did feel a bit spacey after the first session .It has been a week since the first session
and I feel a lot clearer then I did a week ago ..
I did enjoy my session .😃🌈❤️
From P.C. in Florida
P.C. had a combination consulting session followed by the Azuron healing.
When I asked Azuron if a ‘Azuron healing” was beneficial to PC… he said
“No, not until  she has a consult with you” so, that is exactly what we did and it was very powerful!
Hi Rebecca!!
What prompted me to get this healing was that I had started changing the way I eat to heal a health concern
that has been with me for some time, and I finally found the strength within myself to begin and expect results.
I had been on the diet a few weeks already and I knew it was time to clear the energetic aspect of the disease within me.
I have also worked with the Arcturians before and I really always enjoyed their kindness and high galactic vibration.
I did have some concerns, like was I ready for this, will this work for me because I have tried everything, but I
knew I had to do my part, surrender and hold faith.
I have had this issue for sometime and I knew during these season of eclipses with Mercury Rx was
the perfect time to clear it.
I deeply felt now was the time to act.

Once I spoke with Rebecca on the phone, she explained to me right away what my issue was, which was something I completely did not expect…

I felt compelled to act, so I booked for that Saturday.
The funny part was that I had a list of responsibilities and all seem to get cleared in order
for the session to take place.
I was also woken up by a thunderstorm that morning, along with a loud clash of thunder telling me to get
my butt moving!! 🙂
During the initial consultation I began to feel lighter because I had entity attachments and I really felt a
space open up after they left.
During the Azuron session I could feel him working on specific chakras and I was feeling lighter within
each chakra.
I was already aware of my certain chakras that were not completely open and I had a feeling he would work to open them.

After the session I was very tired, I knew I had released a significant amount heaviness and my energy was much lighter.



It almost felt as if parts of me were missing, so I knew I had been carrying this around for some time.
Overall, I am very happy and grateful that I decided to go with the session.
After the session took place is when I had exactly realized that I wanted to work with an energy healer
to release this pattern and I asked God to put someone in my path.
Well Rebecca answered the call, and it was not until after that I realized what I asked
for came true!!
From MD here is USA



My session with you and Azuron was a revelation and so helpful.

I was taken back to a time 30 years ago when I had an injury that is recently

flaring up and affecting my health in a number of ways.


The pain stopped during the session, and I was able to remember some events of 30 years ago that are related.

Azuron also called in my spiritual teacher from the 7th Dimension in order to re-connect me to the Source. 

This is very much appreciated and gives me more motivation and relief from emotional distractions.


After the session, I fell into a deep sleep for 4 hours, in the middle of the day.

I woke up feeling like a different person with a renewed dedication to my true purpose for this life. 

I’m very grateful to you, Rebecca, for sharing your gift and helping so many people.




From L.S. our neighbor in Canada (She got the 3 session package)

Thank you dearest Rebecca

Thank you Azuron
Am so humbled and feel so blessed
I feel like I am no longer unimportant…the love the healing…
The sensations are starting as what Azuron said for the liver detoxing symptoms…more healing❤
I feel that in this period of times…things happen or start to manifest faster…
Looking forward to next Sat again…I even listened to the recording & will do again several times…

Btw… Azuron’s saying that I am as deep as the Aegean sea made me smile,  indeed I acknowledge it…

I must say I want to know more and use or benefit from it more on what lies beneath…

Love, LS


More about WHY I am offering these sessions from Azuron.

From Rebecca:

For several weeks now Azuron has been asking me to develop my skills in channeling his multidimensional energy more fully.

However, I have hesitated  to offer this because…the inter dimensional Healing requires a great adjustment within my own body’s energy.


Much like the way it used to almost “blow my head off” to channel the great Sanat Kumara!

(Interestingly, both Azuron and Sanat Kumara are Arcturian)


Azuron suggests that I offer very short sessions not more than 20 minutes long.

In an Azuron session…there is no need for the client to talk at all.

He jumps right in and IMMEDIATELY “see’s” the light patterns that are ready to be shifted.

He begins the work very quickly and all the client does is Relax.


When I asked Azuron why he is so hot to have me become more accustomed to channeling his powerful inter-dimensional energy…he replied.

“Because as you become more accustomed to helping others shift non-beneficial light patterns, you will be able to do more for the planet… far more easily.

The good done for ONE, extends outward and affects the ‘upgrade’ of vibrations to all.

This is a great boost in the planatary ascension process.

Also, it is my hope that you will be teaching others how to channel in these magnificent interdimensional energies.

Thank you.



What is a private Azuron session like?

One lady who had a private “Azuron interdimensional Healing session”  said…

“For years, I felt like a cement block was pressing down on my chest.

It caused me physical and emotional pain. One session with Azuron and it was gone…all gone!”


I cannot promise you what YOUR session will be like.

They are all different. Azuron can ONLY shift the light patterns that he sees are ready to be shifted.



Sessions are limited to 20 minutes. It is not a consultation with a lot of talking about your issues.

Azuron does not look at your issues…he looks at your light patterns and can see the beneficial and non-beneficial patterns.


Azuron asks me to limit the sessions to no more than 10 per week.

You may purchase just ONE, or a package to be delivered weekly or banked for when needed.

This is completely private with attention only on you!

One session: 117

Two session: 209

Three sessions: 299

I can record the session with Azuron for you.

The tenth dimensional healing energies will be alive for years to come…so that you can have a fresh dose just by re-listening!


Upon registration, you will be given specific instructions on how to set up your private time with Azuron.

If you have questions about whether or not this would  beneficial for you… email me

Or text me at 956-457-5568

Share the love!




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