EFT: Release the struggle that Life HAS to be so Hard!

Eclipse Time is the BEST time to Release struggle!

(If you miss it, the energy will keep ‘pulling’ for a few days afterward)

How about releasing some old karma?

Doing some forgiveness work?

Old debts?

Old crap of any kind…

I made this EFT exercise mainly because I was actually STRUGGLING to accept that life CAN get easier and easier.

Yes, my life has taken a definite turn for the Better!

Curiously, I found myself wondering if I shouldn’t be “working a little harder”…

So, I went outside to my backyard (really a boat dock) and made this video.


My hair is a mess…but the tapping made ME feel so much better, I KNOW it will help you too.

Go here to watch the vidio and do the EFT tapping exercise.








PS: In a couple days, I will share with you “Help from above” that helped me really get going in letting life be easier.


PSS: Share this email with anyone you feel an benefit.

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