EFT: How to Raise Your Self-Value

This morning in my meditation I was asking spirit…” what can I do today that would be beneficial for my readers?”

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A still small voice answered and said,

“REBECCA, what can you do for yourself today… Do you realize you hardly ever ask what can I do for myself today?”


It’s always “what would be beneficial for my readers… until you realize the value that you are, the talent that you have… and honor those, you will never be as good a teacher as you could be.”

You are SO Valuable…

I realize this could be something to tap on.


And if it’s something I need to tap on…then it’s probably something YOU need to tap on!


(See, its win win…we all need to realize our value!)



And that my friends is a great value that I can give to you today.


Before we begin the exercise make a list of your values, your talents, your skills, and don’t forget the most important of all your loving precious heart.


When you’ve made your list we’re going to do some tapping and you will borrow the benefits.


Since I don’t have access to your list, I made a list of some of my talents and you can simply borrow the benefits and insert yours instead


A few of my valuables are:



Big heart

Very intuitive


Skilled in EFT, HPT and energy work.

Skilled in hypnosis

Caring…  I care a very great deal about every single one of my clients and my readers



How could we expect to attract what we really want in life if we don’t even realize our value?


Without realizing our value… that little feeling of unworthiness always seems to sneak in no matter how much work you’ve done.

Before you begin…tune in to how much you VALUE yourself.  1 to 10


EFT Meridian Tapping Points


Side of the hand: even though I don’t realize my own value I love and except myself.


Top of head: I don’t realize my own value.


Beginning of eyebrow: why is it so hard for me to realize my own value?


Side of eye: I realize everyone else’s value… but not my own.

I’m afraid I’m gonna’ get the big head.


Under eye: I fear people will think I’m a snob (I fear is the key here.)


Under nose: I feel embarrassed to look at my own value.


Under lip: I feel shame when I think of realizing my own value.


Collarbone: I may never have the courage to realize my own value.


Under arm: it’s so hard to give myself credit for even being alive.



Now take another rating on a scale of 1 to 10 and see where you are if it’s not significantly down lower repeat the process.


However; if it’s reduced let’s move into a positive choice. (Did you know Dr Carrington was the FIRST EFT Master?- She came up with the idea of inserting a POSITIVE CHOICE after the charge on the issue had subsided.) I will always love and appreciate her!

Dr Patricia Carrington


Side of hand: even though I still have problems putting myself first, realizing my value, I choose to begin to realize my value right now!


Top of head: I choose to begin to realize my value now.


Beginning of eyebrow: I am valuable, I love myself.


Side of eye: I am valuable I’ve come a long way in this life…I give myself credit for trying and never giving up!



Under eye: I’m a wonderful person, I love myself, and others reflect that love back to me.

I give myself permission to love myself I choose to love myself.


Under nose: I choose right now to love myself to put myself first and to be loved by others.


Under lip: it feels so good to realize my value, I may still have trouble but I’m looking at life in a new way now. I’m looking at myself with eyes of love now!


Collarbone: it feels good to realize my value and look at myself with eyes of love.


Under arm: as I realize my value and look at myself with eyes of love I see love reflected back to me and always and always and always in all kinds of ways


Now take a rating hopefully your intensity of realizing your value has improved!

Now tap in some of your valuable qualities and talents from your list…just tap through the points… and say them out loud.



Go right now and look in the mirror… look into your eyes and say “I love you… you’re the most wonderful person I know!”



Love, Rebecca… Your EFT Outlaw!


PS: I’ll be back soon with another helpful video…pass this along to someone you love!

Watch the Video: http://wp.me/pq2xG-3w2







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