Brown Pelicans Before Harvey

About Hurricane Harvey…

As I was preparing to leave my coastal home ahead of hurricane Harvey… I looked around, deciding what I should take with me.

What is my treasure?

In a heartwarming flash…I realized my treasure is my family, my friends, and all my beloved readers.

My treasure is not anything that can be packed up and put away for safekeeping. It can only be kept as a treasure within my heart!

It warms my heart to see how the citizens of the stricken areas after Harvey  are reaching out to help one another.

Let us continue to hold them in our prayers.

My daughter lives in Houston and she is safe.  She did have a pretty good scare with the tornadoes.

Here is a photo of one that was very close. They created a little bunker under the stairs and we all we praying mighty prayers for safety.







PS: Azuron, tenth dimensional healer gave me an awesome message for you which
I will give out to you tomorrow.

I think you will LOVE it…especially if you are having a lot of clients or friends or
relatives who want to get everything from you for free.





Watch video of the brown pelicans in my yard just before the storm. I have not seen ANY of the pelicans since I returned home. I pray that that went further south and completely away from any harm.


I’ll be on the lookout for them and make you another video soon.


Curiously, I put out some scraps for the seagulls today…they ALWAYS swarm in before I can get back in the house.


It’s been hours and not one seagull has approached.

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