Advice from Aruron, “Should All Spiritual Stuff Be free?”

Case studies of Azuron Inter dimensional healing

Azuron case studies: True accounts of Inter-dimensional Healing.

Now for today’s message from Azuron, tenth dimensional healer. He specializes in healing physical, emotional and spiritual issues by

shifting the non-beneficial light patterns.



What follows is a conversation between Azuron and I



Rebecca: Azuron what is your vision of service?


Azuron: Working through you we serve many.

As more humans ask and allow their light patterns to be shifted… so the evolution and ascension of humanity accelerates.

You see, as people are voluntarily asking for their light patterns to be shifted much influence occurs in those around them.


Especially due to the fact that clients realize the value of this inter- dimensional treatment and exchange energy with you in order to have the experience.


Question: What shall I say to those who feel every spiritual experience should be for free?


Azuron: There is no experience spiritual or physical that is for free.


Every experience requires some expenditure of life force energy… Even if it is only to pay attention or to take the time.


Very few individuals are willing to invest the amount of time it takes to receive advanced communications.

Every great spiritual leader has encouraged spending time in stillness, meditation, solitude.

Even our brother, Yeshua ben Yosef, the one you call Jesus, took himself off in solitude to fast and pray 40 days before his greatest trials.

There is no substitution for the strength gained by spending time in silence, solitude and in the ‘receiving’ mode.



Let those who think every spiritual tool be given for free be willing to let it come through them… let them dedicate the time and pay attention.


Then, they too will have miraculous revelations to share with others!


However, they too will find that this depth of dedication may prohibit holding onto a regular secular job.


We see that in your society all great and small leaders bring criticism upon themselves by putting themselves out there.


ALL are capable of being great spiritual leaders!


Yes, those who are willing to put aside the distractions of your television, computer games, and the habit of immersing themselves in negative newscasts.


These ones are already being called into greater service.




Many are under the false assumption that one must be born with some kind of natural psychic abilities in order to be a teacher, healer or leader.

(All ARE born with natural abilities which are usually Shut Down by authority figures)


I say to you that all the natural abilities in the world cannot compare to desire and dedication.


If one simply sets aside a time each day to receive from spirit… it will happen as surely as the sun rises and sets!

My own neighborhood





There are many high beings of light who are eager beyond belief to be of service to humanity at this pivotal point in earth’s ascension.


Just be willing to put in the time…


Your own spirit within will take care of the great union that is to come.





What kinds of a high beings of light are waiting to be of service?



Benevolent Beings from other star systems.

Benevolent Beings from other dimensions.

Benevolent Beings ascended from your own humanity… all are waiting to be of service.


Without the cooperation of a few willing humans we can try shifting human light patterns all day long… to no avail.


Perhaps we can shift a bit in the atmosphere, and perhaps open portals for more benevolent energies to come in… yet man was intended to have dominion over this planet.


Know this… No High Being of Light would ever override the sovereignty of the human…even if it was for their own good!





Question: What about those who would like to contact you Azuron and have their light patterns shifted to a higher vibration? How can they do it by themselves?





Answer: Of course they can do it without you as intermediary Rebecca!


They would simply need to show us their willingness to be of service to others.


Let those who would desire to contact me and other high beings of light, let them sit quietly for a time each day and meditate on being of service to others.



This dedication and specific intent alone will begin to shift their light patterns to a higher vibration.



Nothing excites a Benevolent High Being of light like seeing a human who is so desirous of “being of service” that they sacrificed a portion of their life force energy to do so by  placing their time and attention to this cause.



End of transmission.




From Rebecca:

For several weeks now Azuron has been asking me to develop my skills in channeling his multidimensional energy more fully.

However, I have hesitated  to offer this because…the inter dimensional Healing requires a great adjustment within my own body’s energy.


Much like the way it used to almost “blow my head off” to channel the great Sanat Kumara!


(Interestingly, both Azuron and Sanat Kumara are Arcturian)


Azuron suggests that I offer very short sessions not more than 20 minutes long.


In an Azuron session…there is no need for the client to talk at all.

He jumps right in and IMMEDIATELY “see’s” the light patterns that are ready to be shifted.

He begins the work very quickly and all the client does is Relax.


When I asked Azuron why he is so hot to have me become more accustomed to channeling his powerful inter-dimensional energy…he replied.


“Because as you become more accustomed to helping others shift non-beneficial light patterns, you will be able to do more for the planet… far more easily.


The good done for ONE, extends outward and affects the ‘upgrade’ of vibrations to all.


This is a great boost in the planatary ascension process.


Also, it is my hope that you will be teaching others how to channel in these magnificent interdimensional energies.


Thank you.



What is a private Azuron session like?


One lady who had a private “Azuron interdimensional Healing session”  said…

“For years, I felt like a cement block was pressing down on my chest. It caused me physical and emotional pain. One session with Azuron and it was gone…all gone!”


I cannot promise you what YOUR session will be like. They are all different. Azuron can ONLY shift the light patterns that he sees are ready to be shifted.


Sessions are limited to 20 minutes. It is not a consultation with a lot of talking about your issues. Azuron does not look at your issues…he looks at your light patterns and can see the beneficial and non-beneficial patterns.


Azuron asks me to limit the sessions to no more than 10 per week.


You may purchase just ONE, or a package to be delivered weekly.

This is completely private with attention only on you!


One session: 117

Two session: 209

Three sessions: 299

I can record the session with Azuron for you.

The tenth dimensional healing energies will be alive for years to come…so that you can have a fresh dose just by re-listening!

Upon registration, you will be given specific instructions on how to set up your private time with Azuron.


If you have questions about whether or not this would  beneficial for you… email me

Or text me at 956-457-5568



PS: If Azuron feels some other type of help is MORE beneficial for you…he will tell me right away.




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