When Guilt/Unworthiness, Masquerades as the Divine


Mother Azna wanted me to share this with you and She feels it’s urgent.

You see…She is always tuned in to her “babies” and She feels your pain, your uncertainty, and your grief.

A lot of Light workers have been feeling a lot of guilt, condemnation, unworthiness and it is NOT coming from the light…

Never! Never! Never!

If you are hearing the voice of guilt, condemnation or even disapproval, KNOW this…

 There is NEVER any judgement or condemnation from the true light.

 Sometimes, the voice of guilt, condemnation,shame MASQUERADES as a Divine Form.  This is especially present when you have had a lot of religious programming.


Most religions gain their power by cementing in the guilt.

How else can they make your BEHAVE?

How else can they make sure you get to heaven?

How else can they have you turn to THEM as the only answer and protection?


It is your own unreleased patterns and old guilt programming that is creating guilt, shame and any feelings of unworthiness!

The Chaos energies ‘pick up’ on your old programming and take that opportunity to zero in on your energy field…stir the guilt pot and little and then settle in to ‘feed off’ the negative energy you are generating.


Now pay attention…

If Spirit is pointing out something in your life that is holding you back, or is possibly detrimental…it will be a gentle prompting.

There will always be a SOLUTION offered.

If you hear a voice that says harshly… “You need to stop (fill in the blank)”



How do you ever expect to grow spiritually if you keep doing (fill in the blank)


If there is no solution offered…the voice is masquerading!

The exception is if you are doing or about to do something VERY harmful…like stepping in front of a bus!

Then the voice would feel very authoritative.

Q. What do I do if I feel the voice is critical and making me feel guilt and condemnation?

A. Well…you could do like Jesus and say…”Get thee behind me Satan!”


Or, simply repeat ‘God’s Light” over and over. So simple, yet, it works wonders.

Remember, there is NEVER any guilt or condemnation from any High being of light.

STOP tolerating it and start feeling more love for yourself.


If there are things in your life you need to change…YOU ask for help and guidance on that.

You did come here to learn to stand up and embrace your own Divinity! The True Guidance will come swiftly, gently with a perfect Divine solution offered.



I love you,

Mother Azna




Thank you Mother Azna…I feel we all needed to hear this!


I will be back soon with more on this. I think it’s about time to teach a specific class on removing old religious programing. I will let you know when that is ready.


Love, Rebecca

I have the tools and the Power to use them!


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