Azuron 10th Dimensional Healing Course

It’s only fair to let you know…there are two spots left for this training.  Registration will end Sunday.

Azuron, Arcturian 10th Dimensional Physician is  calling to a select few Initiates to channel his “Light Pattern Shifting Inter dimensional healing”  (6 total)

This event will take place in February of 2018.

The very first weekend.Feb 3,4

South Padre Island Texas.

Azuron has asked me to train you and initiate you into this upper level, cutting edge field of Inter dimensional healing!


Azuron Quiz- here is a surefire way to confirm if AZURON is calling you to consider this training.



Hang your head forward.

Place one hand on the nape of your neck (Alta Major portal)

Place the other hand on your 3rd eye.

Put your awareness on your Pineal Gland (midbrain)

Say my name Azuron… slowly 3 times.




Pay attention to the Pineal.

With your inner vision, if you notice light patterns flashing from your pineal, then you are a good candidate to channel my healing Light pattern multi-dimensional energies.

Remember…according to the Egyptian law of REN…when you call a soul by name…they are compelled to come.



Read about the training, then do the exercise again. If the light is STRONGER as you say my name 3 times, then please consider taking the training Rebecca and I are offering.


If timing or financial circumstances are NOT right for you at this time, please keep our connection open by repeating the exercise periodically.

Just by having faith and DOING the simple exercise will help your own light pattern circumstances shift for the better. Doing this exercise will help to strengthen your Pineal and increase your own depth of intuitive power!

Not everyone desires to become a channel but everyone CAN benefit from increased intuition.



PS: You can do the exercise and substitute the name of a Deity figure that you desire to get closer to.


Lakshmi, Lakshmi, Lakshmi

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

Isis, Isis, Isis

Which name seems to cause the greatest ‘Light response’ within your pineal?



Full details here:

Q. Why are only 6 people allowed to take the Tenth Dimensional Light pattern training?

A. Two words…PERSONAL and Hands-ON. I must do so much ‘hands on’ personal psychic work with each person. Azuron asks me to “touch you” with my hands and with my energy. – there is no substitute for this level of energy transference. I simply cannot do justice to more than 6 people.

Q. What experiences will I have at this training?

A. See bullet points below:

  • Awakening of your sexual centers by Pleiadian sex masters. This will help you to feel confidence in opening your mouth to speak as you learn to channel Azuron. Sexuality is the easiest forgotten path to the Divine! As you lose shame around your sexuality…you will lose shame about speaking forth.
  • Enemy of the Devils Ritual: Experience a Shaytantic harm healing by a graduate Sufi master healer. Dr Patricia Felici studied 3 full years before being allowed to do this powerful ceremony.

Using the most costly resin “ The Enemy of the Devils Remedy” This remedy can only be performed by a 3 year Sufi Master. This remedy uses a tree resin from Sri Lanka which is burned and the resultant smoke clears the shayateen in jinn and humans .. Each time I have experienced this ritual performed by Dr Felici, GREAT obstacles have been removed! Not only that…the ritual experience in itself will take you into a DEEP trance and healing experience such as I have never known. (Worth the fee just for this ritual)

  • Experience a “corpus callosum” opening.

There is an area in your corpus callosum BEST suited to channel Azuron. He will show me where YOURS is and will assist me to open that up. It must be done with psychic surgery. Each person’s ‘area’ is different. (The corpus callosum is the thick bundle of nerve tissue that connects right and left hemispheres of the brain.)


  • Personal “hands on” opening of the Alta Major Chakra. I will be assisted by Isis and her son Horus in this. If your Alta major is blocked, your receiving is blocked.
  • Balancing and connecting of your lower chakra system with you upper chakra system. As Lightworkers, we have gotten WAY out of balance. In seeking to become more evolved…we have often ignored our lower chakras in favor of the higher ones.
  • Personal anointing with sacred oil blessed by a great Sufi master and guardian of the mosque in Jerusalem.
  • Personal Hands on Blessing and Prophecy over your life.
  • Experience the “Passing of the Mantle” ceremony. Just as Elijah passed the mantle to Elisha…so I will pass the mantle of energy and authority to you.

More will be channeled LIVE and ON THE SPOT!

It’s impossible for me to tell you everything that you will experience…I never know what Being of Light will come knocking and ask me to give a blessing…or a message. I never know what “Lightening Bolts” of energy are going to surge through me for your healing!

What fun it is to be FREE to channel for your greatest needs…on the spot!

The immense VALUE of this training is hands on, personal attention and activation.

Read more…


Since I have said YES, to working with this compassionate being from the tenth dimension…my life has improved in every way!

  • I simply don’t have any worries about money…it just flows.(I don’t even know how…it’s like I barely even try!)
  • I live in a place I have always dreamed of.
  • I seem to have more friends and NEVER feel lonely. (even tho I live alone…I don’t EVER feel alone!)
  • My gifts, have exploded in power and surety. (I see as clear as day and no wavering)
  • I have a happiness, contentment, peace and joy that I have not known until now.

All this and MORE can be Yours too as an Inter dimensional healer trained by Azuron.

I have broken the barriers so that you don’t have to experience any negative effects caused bu moving into All Dimensions.

(At first, this shifting inter diminsionally, wore me out…this won’t happen to you)

The very first weekend.Feb 3,4 2018

South Padre Island Texas.

You know what I LOVE MOST about working with Azuron Arcturian, tenth dimensional healer?


It’s absolutely EFFORTLESS!

Once you get plugged in to his massive, light pattern shifting, energy…it’s just like turning on a faucet!

You DO need to set the INTENT to be a vessel of healing energy…however:

  • you don’t need to think
  • you don’t need to strain
  • you just need to open your mouth and relate to the client what Azuron is transmitting.

In other words… you just press the GO button and Azuron energy flows!


My job is to get you connected to this flow so that you can also, PRESS the AZURON ‘GO’ Button!

You know what Else I LOVE  about working with Azuron Arcturian, tenth dimensional healer?

He is the MOST protective of me and my life-force energy of ANY BEING of Light that I have EVER, EVER, EVER worked with!

Azuron assures me that will be just as protective of YOU too!

He will NOT let me take my life-force energy lightly! He does NOT let me do any Aruron inter dimensional healing for free…not even for my own daughter! He WILL allow trainees to do a few free ones (Not more than 3)


In this training, Azuron is joined by a team of Pleiadian Sexual Healing Masters.






When I asked Azuron WHY he is bringing in this team of Pleiadian Sexual healing Masters he replied…

“Rebecca, you know from channeling my energy that you must be BRAVE and speak out the instructions I am giving. this is the only way to shift the aberrant light patterns in the most effective ways.

See your Wow?

If someone has a lot of rigidity about sex, their light patterns are going to be rigid about other things too. Hence, the loosening up of sexual energies.The Pleiadians are one of the MOST sexual of species, you have already worked with them and they are very eager to be of service!”


Azuron can help us learn to heal energy patterns via the 5th dimension…but we need the PLEIADIANS to help us with our sexuality.

This is NOT my idea…(actually I am squirming as I write this)- yet, I feel COMPELLED to offer this!

I will NOT be trying to SELL this course- it is a “come by heart calling” invitation directly from Azuron and the Pleiadians…

I have been  asked to limit this to only 6 people. (There will be NO live-stream- you MUST come in person)

Your sexuality must be opened more fully = most Light workers have NO issues with all the Upper Chakras…but sadly ignore the lower chakras as to base and primitive!


You will learn how to transcend to the 5th dimension where Azuron will use your body, your hands, your mouth to sense energy patterns and to heal those that are ready to be healed.

You must be not be afraid to appear to be a little  Bat-shit crazy!


(I was once working with a precious client I hardly knew…Azuron instructed me to take her into a very high dimension and have her meet and mate with a stallion unicorn. I have to tell you, I was a bit concerned that the client would freak out!

Turns out, she was very familiar with Unicorn energy and even had some around her… Azuron will help you TRUST the revelations of Light patterns that he is showing you!)

The great Sanat Kumara will be present with his new sense of Tenderness to assist us.

You ALREADY KNOW if your heart is calling you to this.







Q. What can I expect from this training?

A. Let me Count the ways…

  1. You will be listed as a certified “Inter dimensional Healer” on my site.

(This is optional-If you wish to take this training just for your own growth, you don’t have to be listed)

2. You will be able to shift more easily into your Light Body.

3. You will more easily shift into other dimensions.

4. Your intuitive skills will increase dramatically.

5. You will be able to connect more easily with ANY species.

6. You will be able to look inside someone and “see” the Light Patterns.

7. Be bold! You will be much bolder in your spiritual and secular life! (After all, you are one of the first to be trained as an Inter dimension healer by an Arcturian healer residing in the 10th dimension)

8. You will feel far more sexual energy flowing into and through you! Sexuality keeps you ALIVE, FUN and VITAL!(Sexuality and Being BOLD go hand in hand…there is no more powerful drive on earth than the sexual drive. This is programmed into us to preserve the species.)

9. I will introduce you to my mailing list and give you  chance to “hone your skills” (You are only allowed to do 3 for free- Azuron is very strict)

10. No one else is offering this kind of healing technique– you will attract those to you who NEED you!


Q. Is there anyone who SHOULD NOT take this training?

A. Yes there are a few exceptions.

  • If you have any kind of mental illness or severe depression, you should NOT take this training.
  • If you are very afraid to embrace your sexuality…you should NOT take this training (It’s OK if you are a LITTLE afraid, but if you are VERY rigid, it would be too much of a leap for you at this time- see me for private sessions to work on this first)
  • If you are more worried about what others will think of you than what your soul is calling to towards, you should not take this training.


This event will take place in February of 2018.

The very first weekend.Feb 3,4

South Padre Island Texas.

The price itself is a filter…this is too powerful a tool to be put into the hands of those who are not FULLY Committed and willing to risk.

Azuron himself has  suggested the fee structure…only the SERIOUS about healing should attend.

2997. Full pay.

Or five payments of 640.each

Or  10 payments of 327 each


Once you get your tuition and  travel arrangements, there is not much more expense.

I have secured lodging for only 59 per night!  Call and ask for REBECCA MARINA rate. Details upon registration for Azuron training.(Includes breakfast)

The Inn at South Padre


Restaurants are within walking distance and are VERY reasonable!

I chose this hotel because it has a very large meeting room. We will be partnering up and doing LOTS of floor work- so we NEED the space!


*It is NOT a fancy hotel but it is clean and nice.

PS: To make this even MORE of a commitment for you…there are NO refunds.

If something happens and you cannot attend, you may trade for a VIP day, private sessions, or a series of classes.

However, heaven and earth will make it possible for you to attend once you commit!



PSS: This course will have very likely cause you to feel some sexual arousal and healing!


We will capture and channel that energy to help us be able to move more easily into TRUSTING. It will also help adjust your energy to move more easily into the various dimensions that Azuron will bring us to.




The Inn at South Padre
1709 Padre Blvd
South Padre Island, TX, 78597
(956) 761-5658

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