Azuron 5th Dimensional Healing Course

Azuron, the Arcturian Physician has asked me to offer his techniques as a training.

He is joined by a team of Pleiadian Sexual Healing Masters.


Azuron can help us learn to heal energy patterns via the 5th dimension…but we need the PLEIADIANS to help us with our sexuality.

This is NOT my idea…(actually I am squirming as I write this)- yet, I feel COMPELLED to offer this!

I will NOT be trying to SELL this course- it is a “come by heart calling” invitation directly from Azuron and the Pleiadians…


I have been  asked to limit this to only 5 people. (There will be NO live-stream- you MUST come in person)

Your sexuality must be opened more fully = most Light workers have NO issues with all the Upper Chakras…but you cannot be out of balance!

You will learn how to transcend to the 5th dimension where Azuron will use your body, your hands, your mouth to sense energy patterns and to heal those that are ready to be healed.

The great Sanat Kumara will be present with his new sense of Tenderness to assist us.

You ALREADY KNOW if your heart is calling you to this.


This event will take place in February of 2017.

The very first weekend.Feb 3,4

South Padre Island Texas.

Azuron has also suggested the fee structure…only the SERIOUS about healing should attend.

2997. Full pay.

Or five payments of 700.each



PS: To make it even harder…there are NO refunds. If something happens and you cannot attend, you may trade for a VIP day, private sessions, or a series of classes.


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