A Time for Ending Things that Don’t Work

It’s time for you to END those things in your life that are NOT working!


All the Universe is aligned right now to help you! This will be easier for you to do right now than at any other time in your life.


If you don’t listen to that still small voice within…your own physicality will take over!

Your BODY will react in strange ways…your body will NOT listen to the voice of logic in your head.

You know that voice that tells you all the reasons NOT to change. That voice that tells you to “stay safe’ in the same old same old.

If you are with a partner and it’s time to end it…you may find your body SHUDDERS with revulsion every time they touch you.

If it’s time to end a job, you may wake up and feel DREAD every single morning.

If it’s time to end certain treatments in your practice…you may find yourself sitting around with NO CLIENTS …or they may dwindle down to nothing.

If it’s time to END the place or area where you are living…you will feel as if the joy is being sucked out of you.

If you are seeing a certain physician and you are NOT getting better…it’s time to END that and find someone who can!

You may have a friend who is draining you dry energetically and feel some kind of obligation towards them.

You may think you do NOT have the courage to “end things that are Not working’…However, the entire universe is lining up for you this red hot minute. Ask for help in doing what your heart has been whispering to you for months.

Q. Why is this such a great time for “Ending things that don’t work”?

A. Because the universe is ready to bring you the NEW job, clients, relationships, location, home…but as long as you STUBBORNLY cling to the old…it ain’t never gonna happen.

If you feel this message feels a bit harsh…maybe it’s because you need a big dose of emotional charge to get you moving.

All I know is that I was enjoying my morning coffee, not even finished with my meditation time and Spirit spoke to me…

“Get up, go to the computer and send out this message NOW!”

If it’s urgent to Spirit…it must be urgent for you. Only you know what’s been percolating in your heart. Sometimes, my beloved…the relationship is simply “complete”


If you need my help in “Ending something that is not working”

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Love, Rebecca



PS: Now that I have been in alignment with spirit…I’m going to go finish my coffee!




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