How to Manifest a New Place Quick… (Pics of my new place)

This video is simple and explains how I manifested a new place within one week. (You can do it too)

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Or use the technique for a car, new furniture, or anything you would LOVE to have!

My place is in my price range.

One the water to nourish my soul.

Not fancy yet, spacious and comfortable. (one bedroom)

The first thing I got set up was my altar.


(I would show you more photos of the inside but the kitchen and the altar are the only things straightened out! LOL.)

Even tho it’s only 1 bedroom, it has a full size kitchen! I just made stuffed bell peppers with the peppers I brought from my garden. (Just like these)

Watch the Video:


I’ll be back real soon with a class from Mother Azna…She is eager to connect with you on a personal level.

Sanat Kumara has some new and interesting things to say about WHY we might just LOVE to connect with our Star family.


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Love and gratitude,



Watch the Video:

PS: Yea, my hair was a little messy and I had on a little sundress (not so professional)…but I wanted to share the technique with you in case you needed it.

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