The Two Kinds of Mother Abuse and what they have in Common

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I was a pee-tail! Actually, I come from a whole family of pee-tails.

We wet the bed…Me and a couple of my brothers wet the bed almost every night. This was back in the old days when any unacceptable behavior was met with a whipping.

I remember laying there in the cold wet pee after I had had an accident and praying…’Oh, Jesus, please work a miracle for me and dry up this pee before morning.” (It never occurred to me to get up and change the sheets!)

It didn’t matter how many whippings I got …I  still had an accident every now and then. My momma was not a mean woman…she was thinking that I was too lazy to get up and go to the bathroom.


Do you know how miserable it is to lie there in cold, wet,stinky pee KNOWING that you are going to get a whipping in the morning?


One of my brothers had it worse than me…he peed in the bed every single night! Out of desperation NOT to wet the bed, he tied a rubber band around his penis and almost ‘lost it’.

When momma found him with his little blue penis…it finally dawned on her that we were not peeing in the bed on purpose.

Years later when I did the research and found that there is a hormone that is secreted that tells your bladder NOT to pee at night, I explained it to her. Usually at puberty, the hormone kicks in for sure. As soon as I got my period, I never wet the bed again.

She felt terrible for all those spankings she gave us …Momma just did not know any better.

She felt it was her duty to whip us so that we would stop wetting the bed. She feared we would wet the bed forever.


This is an example of one kind of abuse…ignorance.

The other kind of abuse is narcissism or just pure meanness.


What they both have in common is FEAR!

Some other examples of Ignorance and abuse are:

Religious abuse- (fear based) If I don’t punish my child for what I consider to be a SIN, they will go to hell and it will be all my fault!


What will others think?  (fear based) Some mother’s think it’s all about them…if my child behaves a certain way, dresses a certain way…if reflects badly on me.


Mental abuse: (fear based for sure!) To me, this is the worst kind. Usually the mother has some mental problems herself. Most times, she should have never had children in the first place. (but then you wouldn’t be here)

Some women are so tormented by their own inadequacies and mental disturbances that they can’t think of anything but their own pain. They lash out and they just don’t care! They punish the child for adding to their pain.

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