Still having Mother Issues?



A lot of people do NOT have such good memories of the whole Mothering experience.

My God… when will it end?

From my perspective as  a healer…it seems that the damage done from an “UN-nurturing mother’ never ends.

If I were to measure power…I would say that the power of a MOTHER is the greatest “power to influence” on this planet.


A mother has the power to nurture and lift her child up…or to crush their spirit.

Q. What about the father?

A. Yes, a negligent father can do a lot of damage…yet, most of us don’t EXPECT to get nurturing from our fathers!

We DO expect to get nurturing from our mothers.

When we get criticism, neglect, abandonment, abuse, exploitation, or any kind of mistreatment…it does something terrible to our spirit. Something so terrible we find it scars us… even years later!

Are you still being affected by having an UN -nurturing  mother?

Maybe she took care of you the best she could but simply did not have any nurturing skills.


It doesn’t matter what the reason is…the damage is done.

I have seen the results of this damage and it follows a child until death or some type of intervention.


I am providing that Intervention.

Tell me something…when you first wake up in the you hear a critical voice or a sweet voice?

Would you like to heal this wound to the point that you hear a sweet voice each morning?


Are you ready to let this go?

Join me as I guide you in some “Outlaw EFT” . (Free class)

Outlaw EFT!

My goal is to liberate you from the damage, from the ever present critical voice.

…and to take it one step further and connect you with a ‘sweet, loving voice”. A voice that believes in you, loves you, and supports you…no matter what!

What a relief…to wake up and feel LOVED and accepted instead of listening to that nagging inner critic.

Free audio program- simply register and get instant access.

Its compliments of the Great Divine Mother who wants you to thrive!



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