If You Only Read ONE Book this year…

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The Arcturian Anthology…simply fabulous!

From the back cover…Once every 20 years or so, a book comes along that totally changes the way you think. This is that book!

After reading this book…(which  I could NOT put down)

I now understand so many things that had not been clear to me.



Just for starters…

  • I now know (for sure) the Priceless gift that WE can offer to our star brothers and sisters.
  • (This may sound crazy) I now know for sure why Jesus told me years ago that Sanat Kumara used to “baby sit” him as a toddler! (Now I can finally release the book Jesus gave to me  7 years ago)
  • Now I know why Sanat Kumara paid a surprise visit during my recent “Pineal Gland Regeneration” seminar.
  • And lastly (for right now anyway…) I understand why it is impossible to channel Sanat Kumara sitting down. His energy just lifts you right up out of your seat.

If your mind is willing to be opened…get the book and devour it!(It comes with a wonderful CD that you will love)



Oh, yes…here is the video snippet of the Surprise visit Sanat Kumara paid us at the seminar…

(There I was just tapping for balance and I feel Mr Sanat Kumara coming in… took me a few minutes of soul language to begin…) fast forward about 3 minutes if you like.

Click to watch: http://wp.me/pq2xG-3pM

Love, Rebecca



PS: Soon I will announce the next LIVE seminar.

July 29, 30

Houston Texas (And via video broadcast)

“Channeling the Galaxy”

Connecting with the Arcturians and the Pleiadians through a “heart- pineal’ Star Gate.

(Like nothing you have ever experienced before)

PSS: If you want ADVANCE details about July, call me 956-457-5568 (leave a message) or email me at childsuzy@yahoo.com 

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