Heal Shame, Unworthy, Don’t Deserve Two Unique ways…


This teleclass offers two levels of Healing…Before you decide which one is safe for you…read all the way to the end.

(NO MORE spots for level two)


All unworthy feelings are caused by some type of authority figure!

Authority Figure!

What if you could go back in time and kick them in the shins?

What if you could take back your power by letting your inner brat bravely get to stick up for themselves?

Are we STILL having issues around NOT being worthy?

Feeling that we ‘don’t deserve’?

Feeling shame?


No matter how many classes I teach…these horrible beliefs keep popping up…even in experienced Light workers!

I have tried clearing this with all kinds of techniques…but never Outlaw EFT. (Outrageous is more like it!)

Outlaw EFT!


Level one: Healing unworthiness, undeserving   and shame using Outlaw EFT.

In this section of the teleclass- we let it all out!

From rage to humor, we use my Outlaw EFT to alleviate your suffering!

Issues such as:

My family doesn’t approve of me.

God is ashamed of me.

I never do anything right.

I deserve to be punished because I keep ‘messing up’.

I was told… “you will never amount to anything” and it is stuck in my system.

I was born under a bad star.

People will make fun of me if I talk about my gifts.

Other people can have their dreams but something is wrong with me.

Yada, yada, yada…




This Level One will take about an hour and it is $47.

Yes, I want to use Outlaw EFT to alleviate my suffering all these unworthy feelings.


Level One:



There will be 3 class times.

Tues April 18 at 4 PM eastern

Wed April 19 at 8 PM eastern

Thurs April 20 at 1 PM eastern

PS: Before you read about level two…Level one will give you LOTS of healing and freedom!

Level two takes it down to the genetic level. (It’s not for everyone)


Level Two: “Turning OFF” Slave Impulse Chromosomes in Your DNA.” (Directly follows level one)

Now, this level may disrupt your belief system. As you read if you feel “unsafe”- just go back to Level One.

To tell you about Level Two, I must first tell you my own true story.

Recently I taught the “Eye of Horus” Pineal certification…as a result, I have had an even deeper awakening. (The exercises would wake the Pineal of a dead man)

I re-connected with a great Being…Sanat Kumara and he has introduced me to the Arcturian realm.

I have read that our DNA was tampered with by other species…but Sanat Kumara is bringing this to my awareness in a way I cannot deny.


Nutshell version: Many years ago an ET species, the Annunaki needed slaves to mine the gold here on our planet. They encoded our DNA with a ‘need to obey’ in order to be pleasing to ‘the Gods”.

They presented themselves as gods simply because they had great technological advances. The Annunaki could easily do ‘signs and wonders’ to convince the ‘slave humans’ that they were gods and to be obeyed.

Even after the Annunaki left, many of the leaders of our society espoused the “need to obey” principle and used it to their own advantage.

Over time, religions formed which had a field day with this belief system.

How handy!

They could make us feel Shameful, GUILTY, Unworthy and undeserving if we did not follow their rules.

The story is much more complex and there are many places to read about this. (Arcturian Anthology, Tom Kenyon, Bringers of the Dawn Barbara Marciniak)


As I said…if this makes you feel ‘Unsafe’- just stop reading.


Here is what happened to me…

As I was having this deeper awakening, I was reminded of my strict religious upbringing and the awful doctrines I was taught.

Jesus will say…”Depart from me, I never knew you” (If you did not act just right)

Most of the people in China will go to hell because they don’t believe in Jesus.

If you dare to question one word of the Bible, the devil will carry you off under his wing.

Yada, yada, yada…


I realized that I had allowed a lot of judgments even to this present day.

Yes, I had allowed people to make me feel ashamed of certain things I did that they felt were “wrong”.

The information about us being programmed to worship “in order to please” some High Being resonated with me deeply. I could see how this “slave to god’ mentality had played out in my own life quite drastically!


I decided to do something and pronto!


So, I said…well, I will just root out and ‘turn off’ the slave/ must try to please/must obey- implants from my DNA and body structure.

I was shocked to discover, I could NOT do it!

I tried to go into meditation…my mind would not stay still, I could NOT concentrate!

It was as if there was a BLOCKING gene that prevented me from getting to the root cause!

I could not do it by myself!


I asked for assistance…my  focus went immediately to an Arcturian healer, Azuron, currently in the tenth dimension.

I had to raise my vibration to the 5th dimension to establish connection. It seemed as if Azuron was ‘pulling’ my energy upwards.

Because Azuron is in the tenth dimension, he has no form.

He is a spherical being of Light. He could only send an ‘emanation’ of his form to the 5th dimension in order assist me.


Azuron showed me that the implants in my DNA radiated out from my heart and mid torso forming a web all around me. I could clearly see the fuzzy X-looking ‘holders of the pattern’.

As I watched…Azuron simply turned them off.

(I later learned that the “fuzzy X” were chromosomes.)

This took only a few seconds of earth time as it was a holographic download.

As the Implants were turned off…it was as if a thousand lights of awakening were being turned on!

No one has the right to judge us or make us feel shame.

What kind of god would demand to be worshiped or for us be in fear of punishment?


Azuron says the type of healing is not difficult.

The difficulty is the TERROR that may grip you as you think of doing this!

Yikes…turn off my “need to worship”, need to please…need to obey?

So what does ‘my story’ have to do with-


LEVEL TWO: “Turning OFF” Slave Impulse Chromosomes in Your DNA.”

Azuron is offering to help me… to help you.

To remove your own slave mentality/must worship/ feel ashamed implant from your DNA.

Azuron to me: ” Rebecca, my hands shall be your hands, your mouth will speak for me, you will be my eyes and vessel of healing in this third dimensional reality.

Azuron continues…”I cannot adjust my frequency from tenth down to third dimension, but you can adjust up to the 5th and my emanation can meet you there.

People must ASK for this healing…yet even in the asking they will feel terror that they are displeasing to god.


If you are still with me, here are details about the class.

If you choose level Two, you will participate in level one as well. However, you will stay after for me to work on your DNA individually.

Q. Why is level Two a whole Hundred dollars more?

A. Because It’s like a mini-private healing session. Azuron will help me look at you personally and tell me what to do on a case by case basis.

Q. Why can’t you just do the whole group at the same time?

A. I asked Azuron this myself…his multiple answers.

#1. “Rebecca, the DNA pattern implant is not the same in every single person. Do you think the Annunaki would hide this in exactly the same place in every one of your ancestors? It would be child’s play to remove it!


#2. Each person is at different levels of readiness. Only so much at a time can be ‘turned off’ without causing a sense of imbalance.


#3. I want to hear each person ask…Please turn off my slave mentality DNA implant. We Arcturians value free will and would never attempt any healing unless we were sure the individual wanted it.


Azuron Continues… “Rebecca, for now, each person must be done individually. As you grow in experience, I may show you a different way. Trust me.”

(NO MORE spots for level two)

Level Two: 147 (includes Level one class and personal DNA healing)



There will be 3 class times.

Tues April 18 at 4 PM eastern

Wed April 19 at 8 PM eastern

Thurs April 20 at 1 PM eastern

Level Two will follow directly after level One. You will stay on the phone with me until your healing is done. If you cannot attend ANY of the 3 class times, I will do the healing ‘In absentee’.







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2 Responses to “Heal Shame, Unworthy, Don’t Deserve Two Unique ways…”

  1. Lee W on April 17th, 2017 3:52 pm

    OMG!!!! This is soooo amazing and wonderful!!!!! I soooo can’t wait to do this!!!! Thank you Rebecca and thank you Azuron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Susheela Mariappan on April 20th, 2017 8:07 am

    Rebecca if I could do both the healing shame sessions as I did the eye of Horus ie not at the time of the telecast but after .If I could start it Sat afternoon Perth ,Western Australian time that would be great and if you could do the second part remotely the next day that would be great to .I will wait to hear from you before I sign up .Thanks Susheela

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