Unique Piezoelectric Pineal Exercise

Here is a unique exercise to improve Pineal Gland/Third Eye function right now…

But first, you need to have a bit of scientific information.


The exercise will take advantage of the piezoelectric effect.

The liquid inside the pineal gland is filled with piezoelectric particles (also others which I will present at another time)

 portal lightening

Piezoelectric Effect is the ability of certain materials to generate an electric charge in response to applied mechanical stress. The word Piezoelectric is derived from the Greek piezein, which means to squeeze or press, and piezo, which is Greek for “push”.


In summary…The word “piezoelectric” literally means electricity caused by pressure.

I was asked to share this with you by Horus (Lord of the Pineal) and Jesus.

It was explained to me that YOU have the ability to “apply pressure” to the particles within your pineal by the use of your thoughts.

If you are thinking negative thoughts…you are applying negative pressure to the particles (not beneficial)…


However, if you are thinking positive thoughts and focusing on your pineal…you are creating beneficial effects.

Piezo Pineal

Piezo Pineal

The positive electricity response within the pineal begins the regeneration process.

This is not just a onetime deal – with time and awareness, your pineal will begin to function as it was originally intended. (Before we were robbed of our powers)


One of the greatest signs of ascension is enhanced awareness.


Try this exercise:

  1. Put your awareness on your pineal gland.
  2. Access -How “alive” does it feel? (scale of1 to 10)
  3. Focus on your physical beating heart for a moment while slowing your breathing.(Helps to lightly touch your heart center)
  4. Get into a state of gratitude by thinking of something you adore!
  5. Now send thoughts of love to your pineal- imagine those thoughts massaging all the tiny piezoelectric particles in your pineal.
  6. “See” the particles enjoying the pressure and responding excitedly!
  7. Hold this until you feel the joy.
  8. Now, measure again…how alive does your pineal feel now? (1-10)


Many more intense exercises are coming for all those who attend the ‘Eye of Horus’ certification April 1,2,3. (Attend by video or come live to Texas)

Much of your transformation experience will come from “on the spot” channeled information.

Horus and Jesus both assure me that those who attend will experience such metamorphosis that they will be increase in all psychic powers…

Including being able to “channel on the spot’ with greater ease.


Please do this exercise and pass along to anyone you feel will appreciate your effort.



Deadline for early Bird pricing extended to March 21.


Read details…some of you I KNOW Horus and Jesus are calling!




Love, Rebecca



PS: If you are already registered for the seminar, do the exercise anyway. It will start getting you ready for the spiritual ecstasy to come…




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