Be Forever Changed!

The angels woke me at 4:44…again!

(is it sacrilegious to say…”those pesky angels?”)


I now understand fully why Jesus and Horus are united in asking me to present “Eye of Horus” certification.

Jesus is Lord of the Heart.

Horus is Lord of the Pineal.

The Pineal/Third Eye is the gateway to ascension…yet, the HEART puts out 5000 more times voltage than the brain.

However…there is a brain within the heart which contains a tiny ethereal replica of the pineal.

(Science has reported knowing about the “brain in the heart”- It’s Divine revelation about the ethereal pineal)

When the two are linked together PROPERLY, the Piezoelectric particles united in harmony cause BOTH your inner and outer worlds to be changed forever.

Things that made no sense at all will suddenly become clear!

Your purpose, your path will become lit as if with a thousand watt bulb has gone off in your consciousness!

 YOUR Path...

YOUR Path…

There is no stopping you in anything your heart is calling you towards!

Every spiritual adviser I have ever had, showed up to bless and confirm this message.

My entire team gathered around me to synchronize and expand the blessings we will all receive!



The big question is…can you move beyond  fear to embrace this much metamorphosis?

What if you could shed your bondage of FEAR?


What if you first thought before your feet even hit the floor was…”Everything I do today is already blessed and wonderful?”



Be forever changed by experiencing the greatest Union between the heart and pineal.

This revelation has NEVER Before been given on this planet.







The enormity of this Revelation is almost beyond words.


heart in hands

Once you have this transformation…there is no going back to same old, same old…anything!




you wanted a sign here it is

This is a very great treasure you are being offered.

Only your heart knows if you have enough of the hunger… come and be filled.



Eye of Horus Certification

April 1,2,3


Deadline for early Bird pricing (You have until 4 PM central today to get this)

Investment options:

Live in person 977. (Early Birds Save $200 at $777) * You have time to get a reasonable flight if you act now..

**I WANT to hug you and show you the best time you’ve ever had!

Yes, this is for me! Save my spot at the Early Bird Price Now!



Payment Plan Live event: (early bird applies too)

$407 now and again in 30 days.

Save my spot now!



Video Transmission Option: (Video uploaded of each segment as it is completed)

Regular: $ 577.00

Early Bird 377.00

Yes! I will be certified by  Video.



Payment Plan Video transmission:

$207.77 now and again in 30 days



Travel info for those attending live: (Full details upon registration)

Hours: Central Standard Texas time

Sat 11 -7

Sun 11-7

Mon 11-4

Fly into Harlingen Tx.

Stay  at

Rate of only 99 per night! (For the beach? Yes! Awesome)

TIP: Don’t reserve online, Call 956-761-5658 ask for “Eye of Horus” seminar rate

COMPLETE details upon registration


Call me is you need me… 956-457-5568

Leave a message and I will call you back.


Free Hot breakfast included!


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