Are You Repelling High Paying Clients?


You see headlines all the time… ” How to Attract High Paying Clients” …Right?

Heck…. I have purchased at least 3 of these programs… (spending thousands)


Sure…those programs teach you how to design an attractive “package” that you can sell for a whole bunch.

(How has that been working for you? Did not do much for me)

* Having bought at least 3-  I swear they all have almost exactly the same ‘cookie cutter’ content.

However…not ONE of those has talked about the REAL REASON we are repelling higher paying clients.

So what’s the real reason?

We as healers and light workers have a faulty belief system when it comes to making offerings to wealthier people.

In short my darlings…we are spiritual snobs!


When we look at the wealthy through the eyes of SEPARATION- we will never be able to offer them something that will transform their lives.


We incorrectly assume that “rich people” are so different from us that they would not  listen to our offers to help them.


Or, we assume that the wealthy don’t really have many issues (after all, they can just PAY somebody to do things for them)


Source: Sinbuck “the Judge” has asked me to speak to you on this topic.

(He feels that as Light workers we don’t realize our own judgments are keeping wealth away from us)

Sinbuck is one of the 72 Genii present in the first 12 hours of creation.

(In line with the 12 signs of the zodiac)


The first Genii listed is Papus, Physician

(he is giving info on removing implants which is presented in “The Eye of Horus: seminar in April.)



Sinbuck asks…”Why are most light workers assuming that everyone seeking spiritual, emotional guidance is on the poor side?”

Is it because Buddha left all to seek enlightenment?

Is it because Jesus fed the poor multitudes?

(He reminds me that Jesus did one of his greatest miracles to the daughter of a wealthy military leader.)


Sinbuck also reminds me that his close disciples reprimanded Mary for washing Jesus feel with a PINT of costly oils.Marys_Anointing_of_Jesus

(What a waste Jesus, we could have fed poor people with the money that gal is pouring on your feet)

Luke 7: 36-50


 …and, are we forgetting the wisest man who ever lived?

King Solomon…think he ever had a problem with wealth?



King Solomon by Simeon Solomon, circa 1872.


Over the next few days, Sinbuck will be giving me details on how to heal this belief system specifically for light workers.

Until we recognize and heal this…we are never going to be as abundant as we could be.






Are we stopping our own wealth?

Are we stopping our own wealth?

(BTW… if you feel there is something WRONG with seeking to be ‘rolling in the cash’…then you need this course desperately!)


Until the course is ready…Sinbuck invites you to ask yourself these questions.

  1. Am I attracting clients that want a discount all the time?
  2. Am I too chicken to even offer my healing gifts in the first place?
  3. Do I myself ONLY buy something if it is on sale?
  4. Do I try and get as much free stuff as possible?
  5. Do I feel so sorry for my potential clients that I feel I must help them no matter the cost to myself?
  6. Do I somehow feel that a wealthier person would not want what I have to offer?


*If you answered YES to 3 or more…Honey, we gotta talk!



There will be a lot more insight when Sinbuck sits down with me at length.


For the next few days, I’m concentrating on preparations for the most transformative seminar I have ever given.

Just writing down the techniques from Spirit filled me with such anointing power I could hardly speak.

Attend, be transformed and never be the same again!

April 1, 2,3
Presented Live at South Padre Island Texas (Come and be loved in person)


Presented by Video transmission. (Sit home and be loved by video)


Read more



Love, Rebecca

Thank you!

Thank you!


PS: This message from Sinbuck is for me too!

I am guilty of having judgments that people with  “no money issues” might not be in as much need of my services as poor folks… SIGH…will the lessons never end?


Actually, I am very eager for the insight from Sinbuck. I do know this…I have had lots of judgments aimed at ME in the past few months.

The ascension process is all about releasing ALL our judgements!

PSS: If this resonates with you…hit reply and give me an “Amen”!


Or, leave me your comments on this webpage.



PSSS: There are varying degrees of what is considered “rich”…

To a starving child in India, a person in USA on food stamps would be considered wealthy.

Sinbuck invites you to examine your own “measuring stick”…where does your “separation energy” begin?


(Isn’t this guy wise?) can’t wait to learn more from him.




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