Report on 08/2013 Portal to Peace Summit

After driving many days…through rain, dark and feeling  lost many times…I arrived at the place where I performed the ceremony. The ritual to open a portal to the Intergalactic Peace Summit. 

My body was wracked with emotion as I pounded the Staff into the earth!

Electricity was so strong in the air, it made my hair stand on end… sacred language gushed from my lips and tears formed in my eyes…

I could hardly believe the scene that appeared in my “inner vision”!

Scores of Entities were pouring into the vortex, so fast, I could not distinguish individuals, only colors.

Dark gray, black, all shades of dark and some muddy white, flashed before me as they went into the opening I had created. Seems they had been waiting for just this chance to be offered transformation.

I will update you more about this in a few days.

For now, I confess, I have never felt this weary in a long time. Today, I begin the long journey home.

It takes a powerful amount of energy to hold that much ‘space’…I thank all of you who send me light and prayers.

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I have left my business for days, I am happy to be guided into even more service.

Beginning Aug 22, Divine Mother desires to bless you with ten straight days of blessings. 



For now, I can use your help to get home.

Pray for me, send light to me and if your heart directs you, contribute to the Financial expenses that this mission has accrued.

Contribute any amount as your heart Guides.

I Believe and I desire to help.


You are so loved!



PS: Register for the Ten Days of Divine Mother Blessings here:


PSS: Still cannot reveal the location- the portal will be moved in a few days. If you can imagine Entities are kinda, “waiting at a buss stop” scene…the vortex will come pick them up.

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