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Are you ready to get down to the nitty gritty of your stuck-money issues?

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No Money???

No Money???


Are you willing to allow yourself to experience the combining of sexual ecstasy with the pleasure of having MORE Money?



Sexual money?

Who would have ever thought of such a thing?


Well, I certainly didn’t… but the divine within me gave me Specific Instructions to help you heal the very energy sources that either block your money or bring you money… and guess what?


Money is all tied to all 3 lower chakras.

We call them “lower” because we feel like they’re the baser instincts.

Many Light workers strive desperately to “Overcome” all the “human tendencies” the lower chakras are famous for.

 Some even refer to those base chakras as “The Lower Self”.

However…your 3 lower chakras are where your money-story is generated.



This is where your Survival Story is generated… and honey it’s where your sexual story is generated!


It’s a matter of un-shaming and con-joining the 3 lower chakras with the upper Chakras and you’re on your way to a stream of money.


My Desires for you!

My Desires for you!

Let’s take a look at the frequency of sexuality and the frequency of money…since they are both generated from the same place, they can be teamed up to do some major frequency shifting!


Everything is frequency.

Lucky for us frequency can be shifted.


However; sometimes it takes a shocking physical act to shift the frequency and keep it shifted for good!


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As I was communing with the Divine within, I was asking…”What do Light workers need right now, more than anything?”


The answer was instantaneous- Light workers need to clear their paths to more abundance…however, it cannot be done in the same old ways it has been tried before.


Because Light workers have taken so many classes on manifesting and abundance that they are “NUMB” to any good they might do them.



It’s gonna take some ‘shock therapy’ to blast through all that numbness!

…and it’s gonna take a powerful ritual to keep  focused in the NOW– as the NOW is the only place true shifting can occur.


One thing is sure…if you do nothing your frequency will do nothing… it will stay the same.


It is the frequency that we are now vibrating at that holds us in the space we are at now.

Look around you… whatever you see is what you have created according to the frequencies you’re putting out.

It can be no other way. Are you happy with your vibrations right now?

embarressed smiley


Some of us have been taught that we need to be so holy as to rise above carnal need.

We don’t even allow ourselves to  admit that we would love to have more money…or

that we would love to have more physical, sexual pleasure.

(Gee, could I have a double helping of BOTH please?)

Do These two look like they are lacking in Money or Sexuality?

Do These two look like they are lacking in Money or Sexuality?

Can I get an amen? Hallelujah? Praise Jesus?


This class on Sexual Money is like no class on abundance you have ever taken.

I myself was hesitant as I wrote down the instructions from Spirit.


(BTW, if you think the Divine is to Holy to encourage us to make use of sexuality as a path to Holiness…then perhaps you have been blinded by the LIE the church has propagated)


In this class, I will teach you how to make love to money.

Plain and simple….


No one else would have the balls to bring you this money-streaming ritual.

Well, I will, after all… I was the first to bring you “Anus Healing”- I recon I can bring you Sexual Money!

(Sometimes I think they have a “betting Pool” and all the Angels are ‘casting lots’ to see if I will follow the crazy-sounding guidance that comes to me)


Of course, I had to do the process to myself before I could dare to present it to you.

Just after I did the “Sexual-Money Ritual”, I opened up my computer to discover Money from not one but 3 completely unexpected sources!


You see, it’s one thing to be expecting a certain stream of money- but when it comes from UNEXPECTED sources, you know you are in the flow.


I can never teach you anything this powerful unless I do it myself first.


Before you register, I want to make this clear.

There will be some clearing- however the biggest thrust to blast thru your “Stuck Money Frequencies” will come through the NOW of the “Sexual- Money” ritual.


Here are the supplies you must bring for the Ritual: 

#1. A bill (money)of any denomination.

#2. A container of warm soapy water

#3. A soft, clean cloth to dry the money with.

#4. Essential oil (the finest you have on hand)

#5. Your wildest imagination

(don’t worry- I will guide your imagination to places it has NEVER been before!)



Audio program.

Audio Course NOW on Crazy GROUPON! (65 % Savings)

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Warning! If you have experienced Major Sexual abuse and have NOT healed- do not take this class. ‘Instead, take advantage of my “Sexual Abuse Healing Package”

This package consists of unlimited semi-private sessions until you are healed on a level to allow you to take this class.

(Then, I will give you the audio version at no extra charge when I feel you are ready)


Call me if you have questions about whether or not you are ready. – 956-457-5568

Sexual Abuse healing Package: $497

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