Too Hilarious NOT to Share…(pee in Your pants funny)

This spoof on coconut oil had me rolling!

OK…this is my favorite!
The Four Hour spiritual work week.

Why not subscribe to JP Sear’s channel? He also does serious spiritual guidance.
Gott love a guy that pokes fun at himself.


This weeks groupon…an issue no one likes to talk about. (Save 30 % with Groupon)

Healing abortion pain for Everyone…

(THis Healing applies to miscarriage and stillbirth as well)

 There is so much shame around abortion, no one even talks about it.
If you are in a room with 50 women, I guarantee that at least 25 of them have had abortions.

I am guided to offer this course as Groupon so that all who need this can have this healing.
The incidence is even higher if you include miscarriages (spontaneous abortions with some of the same “soul contract” issues)



This Course is unlike anything ever presented in healing this pain.

What you DON’T know can hurt you forever!

Non-religious and non-judgemental

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One Response to “Too Hilarious NOT to Share…(pee in Your pants funny)”

  1. Bob Koenig on June 14th, 2016 4:23 pm

    Thanks for showing this! I must say, i’ve known people doing some of these things….

    Hope people get the joke!

    and yeah my weak Male bladder wasn’t holding back…

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