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What I know about Twin Flames, Soul Mates, Divine Counterparts (From Spirit)


I’ve been getting prompting from Spirit to teach about Twin Flames, Soul Mates and Divine Counterparts.

I made a video about it too:




Twin Flames:

One soul splits into two. Sometimes, they incarnate in same time period. Sometimes one stays on the other side. (My Pleiadian friends say that many times the soul splits into several pieces to explore different dimensions and get together ‘nocturnally’ to share notes.)

However…THAT is a topic for another time.


Soul Mates:

This can be anybody who contributes to your learning. Sometimes, it is romantic and sometimes not. My former husband and I are great examples of soul mates because we were a source great learning for one another.


Divine Counterpart:

This has not been talked about so much. I am getting new information about it daily. A Divine Counterpart is a person who has contracted to be a HELP to you. To love and adore you and to accept you just like you are! (Can I get an Amen on that one?


Ready for the Pros and Cons of each?

Twin Flame Pros:

Being with your twin is like nothing else on earth! You want to stay in their arms forever. It is a sense of homecoming like no other. The sex is so intense you can’t stop dreaming about it.


Twin Flame Cons:

Often the magnetics are so strong that it is frightening! There is almost always a “Runner” and a “Chaser”.


The one who is most frightened of the intensity and wants to deny it…almost always runs away. Trouble is, they dash back in every now and then to get another little taste of heaven…then they run away even faster than before! Miserable experience for the one always left behind. (Kind feels like your heart is ripped out of your chest, stomped on, then paraded around the town square in shame.


The one who realizes what the Twin Flame Union is and wants to be together. This person tries to “hold space” for the Runner…waiting for them to ‘do their work’, wake up and come home.

The pain for the ‘chaser’ is unbearable! Being rejected by your own soul?

Damn! That smarts!

Some people sit around waiting and delusional for years thinking they are doing the right thing by ‘holding space’.

In my counseling on this topic, I find that ‘chasers’ almost always value the ‘other’ part of the soul (the Runner) more than they do the part they are carrying.


My belief about Twin Flames.

Twin Flame

I belief that if you meet in this lifetime, it is to exchange codes of awakening within each other….and not necessarily to live together. (The intensity can be just crazy!)

I also believe that your Twin Flame came to teach you to value the part of the soul that YOU carry. You must learn to honor that which you and only you are responsible for.

Yes, there are some twins that get together happily- very rare.


Soul Mate Pro’s:

Soul mates help each other expand and grow. Sometimes by positive means…sometime by very harsh circumstance. In my own soul mate relationship, he helped me become very strong by giving me a very hard time about…EVERYTHING!

I helped him break free of old traditional family patterns by exposing him to completely different ways of thinking. Even though he tried to push this knowledge away…he took it in on a soul level and now is a changed man.


Soul Mate Con’s:

The only “con” is if you think you must stay with them forever. Sometimes the relationship is “complete” in the current phase.

This applies to friends, family, and associates. When one phase of the relationship is over…let it go.

(This doesn’t mean you have nothing to do with them, it is simply a different phase)


Divine Counterpart Pro’s:

Your Divine Counterpart has contracted to assist you in your life’s journey. They think you are completely wonderful just as you are! They would not dream of asking you to change.

Your Divine Counterpart is ready to adore you and sees only the good in you!

They have already done much of their own work and are ready for you.

90% of the time…this is romantic.

(I do one “non-romantic” case where the Divine Counterpart spent her life making another woman famous and was content to be behind the scenes)

You can identify a Divine Counterpart relationship by how easy it is. Sure, there are some personality differences but the main features are:






Mutual Adoration


Mutual Admiration

Mutual Appreciation

Feeling Cherished


Feeling Shielded





…and feeling loved and secure like never before!


Divine Counterpart Con’s:

Not knowing how to call your Counterpart in is the biggest drawback.

Not knowing if you even HAVE one is the other “con”.

We have been taught to settle and that we should conform our self around another person. We have never thought that we have already contracted to be with someone as wonderful as our Divine Counterpart is.

Often, we are not ready for the Divine Counterpart until later in life. One favor the Twin Flame can do for us is to push into “valuing our own soul” so much that we are NOW ready…

Are you ready?

Participate in an intensive Audio Program to get the ball rolling for you!


This is Not a one way commitment- you also have contracted to reciprocate in kind.

The greatest hallmark of the Divine counterpart relationship is that it is easy!

It flows like water downhill and it’s what you’ve been waiting for all your life. (Can I get an Amen?)

Siilver Cascade Falls

Siilver Cascade Falls

This Divine Counterpart usually shows up later in life…

AFTER you have been wrung through the wringer by failed relationships, getting your hopes up time after time, just to be crushed by the harsh reality when things just don’t work out.

After 7 years of being single with many “not quite Mr Right” (and a few Mr, Ok for now) I am finally ready to listen to Spirit and do this the Supernatural way.

Just to show how serious I am…I said to Spirit, “Show me what to do, I don’t care who my Divine Counterpart is as long as You are the One who picks them out. I am not gay, yet if my Divine Counterpart is a woman, I’m ready to accept that.” (After all, you fall in love with a person, not a gender)

This is true Divine Surrender…trusting the Divine to have my best interest at heart.


You may think I’m foolish to be so vulnerable here, yet, I have always shared everything with my readers. What’s the use of pretending I am some Holy Guru who does everything perfect?

My question for you is…”Do you want to come on this journey with me?”


As soon as I said “YES”- I am in Divine Surrender, I am ready to “do whatever it takes” to call in my Divine Counterpart…3 wise men showed up.

  • King Solomon

  • Merlin

  • Robert B Stone (My newest best dead friend who wrote 80 books on the magical side of metaphysics)

I find it interesting that they are all male… They are giving me perspectives I would not get from my ‘girly girl’ point of view.

Time to ask yourself…

  • Will I ever attract my own Divine Counterpart?
  • Will I will live the rest of my life alone?
  • Will anyone ever think I am adorable and accept me just like I am?

…and furthermore, are these your thoughts?

  • I don’t really believe there is a Divine Counterpart for me.
  • I don’t believe a trustworthy, loyal, admirable person exists for me.
  • I don’t believe I have what it takes to attract such a person.
  • Nothing I have tried has worked so far.
  • Perhaps I’m destined to be forever lonely, unsupported, rejected and unappreciated.

For some of us, we have been hung up on:

  • Trying to get with our twin flame(too intense in most cases- I KNOW from painful experience)
  • Trying to make old painful relationships work, by contorting ourselves to fit THEIR needs.
  • Constantly making excuses for their behavior and losing our self-respect in the process.


So, how are “My 3 Wise Men” going to help us all to “call in” our Divine Counterpart?

In this  3 hour Audio Program I share all the information these “3 wise men” are giving me.

It HAS to be 3 hours long as this much healing, techniques and Supernatural Magic just can’t be done in less time.

(You can take this in one hour segments if you desire)

Segment One:

  • Releasing the resistance
  • Breaking old vows and covenants (Keeping you prisoner right now)
  • Why haven’t you already “called in” your Divine Counterpart?
  • What part of you isn’t ready? (How to get it ready pronto)
  • What old pain is causing you so much distress/distrust you don’t even try?


Segment Two:

  • What if no one has contracted to be my Divine Counterpart?(we will go to the other side and get you one…Honey!)
  • How to firm up, or even create a NEW contract.
  • Activating your “Divine Counterpart Homing Device”. (This is the MOST important part that No-one is telling us how to do-yet…)


Segment Three:

  • Magical Attraction Techniques from Solomon (we will be infusing objects with magnetic energy)
  • From Merlin- projecting your two energies into a Mystical realm where your sacred Wedding Ceremony unfolds.
  • Every technique needed to make this happen far more quickly than you could ever do on your own, (From Robert B Stone)

I don’t know about you…but I AM READY to do this process- whatever it takes.


While I am happy and content alone…I know that my work and ministry will skyrocket once I have the support of my Divine Counterpart.

…and I will assist him with HIS vision as well.

Besides, I am ready to be adored, supported, appreciated, loved and snuggled with. I am ready to be the “apple of his eye’…and vice versa.


I am doing every process with you and have even designed a longer term program to keep me on track.


So are you with me?

 Are you tired of feeling like you have been doing everything WRONG…and that something MUST be WRONG with you?



Fee: You would expect to pay at least $180 for a 3 hour session.

But you won’t pay that!

The fee is $127 for this 3 hour, life changing audio program.

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Hallmarks of Your Divine Counterpart

  • Easy, not a struggle
  • Devoted/ trustworthy
  • Not a fixer-upper (unless you are a fixer-upper too)
  • Has already done their emotional work
  • Ready for a relationship
  • Available
  • Accepting and appreciative of your authentic self

How can you tell if someone could be your Divine Counterpart?

Simple… Ask yourself the questions.

  • Is this easy?
  • Is he/she available?
  • Is he/she able to be devoted?
  • Is he/she a fixer upper?
  • Is he/ she ready for a relationship?
  • Healed from the past?
  • Always go back to the question… is this easy



Love you and can’t wait to have you on this journey with me!



Let's create this together!

Let’s create this together!


PS: I did promise to tell you about the prayer- right?

I will tell you in the audio program- a good foundation is helpful to understand the power of this.



Love, Rebecca


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  1. Chad conley on May 4th, 2016 2:43 am

    It seems I have been guided to some of your YouTube messages and they are linking up to things that are going on with me. I’m in a state of confusion and I second guess myself and thoughts and am looking for some guidance on the way to where I need to be and go..thanks for the link may consider this method.

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