Mission of Light

A Most Unusual Task Spirit Has Asked Me To Do.

Mission of Light: Portals of Transmutation


Portal Of Transmutation

Portal Of Transmutation

When I get guidance from Spirit…it is always crystal clear. There is no wavering, no maybes,  simply pure, concise instructions.  For the past few days, I have been feeling a call to the ocean. South Padre Island is only an hour and a half from where I am staying now.

This morning, in my meditations, I was given a download of very unusual information.

Because it came through in writing, I will share it with you.


“Rebecca,  We need One priestess to  believe what we ask…believe  enough to open an ‘Exit portal’.

This portal is for malevolent energies to pass through….to Exit! (More on this in a second)


You see, Rebecca, there are plenty of priests and priestesses willing to hold space for portals of Entry. Portals for Benevolent Energies to come in…yet no one heeding the call to hold space and open a portal for the malevolent energies to return to whence they came.


These chaos or dark energies pass through our atmosphere and become trapped here.



It was ‘the power of intention’ that brought chaos energies here. Intention by a Being or Beings of intelligence. So it is Intention that will send them back through the atmosphere to be transmuted by the light.

There is being triangulated at this very moment an enormous ‘Containment of Light’ assembled for these energy streams to be heralded in and secured.

They will be contained on a voluntary basis and continually lovingly bombarded with love and goodness by Angelic beings. Many other High galactic beings of Light are in this with us. After all, many of the chaos energies were sent by galactic beings.


Why is this happening at this time?

Because of the raise in planetary consciousness

 Many of the darker energies have felt ‘stirrings of light” ‘within them. Tiny sparks of ‘Goodness’ penetrating the heaviness.

It is important that this be done at this time.

This is the year of the Jubilee but most don’t’ know it only started in September!

What’s Jubilee? A year of restoration, forgiveness, abundance. What better way to embrace than by being a part of this ‘Mission of light’ to hold open a portal for these Being’s to be restored! Those who have fallen from grace, now is the time of forgiveness, restoration, healing and coming home to the light.

Can I get an Amen?

More on ‘Why Now’.


The ‘containment of light’ is not a prison.

It is a place where these energies can go and be nurtured by the Light. The “containment” is a protection for them from the very lowest energies that are losing the war.

Gaia will be triumphant!

You see, Rebecca, it is time for every spirit energy to choose. We can ALL move to ascension, even the denser energies. After all humanity itself has experienced many periods of much denser energies compared to those civilizations who have already experienced ascension.


Those darker energies who choose to use the ‘exit portal’ and be bathed in Light will become some very strong “Missionaries for the Light”, once they have gone through healing and re-assignment.


From Rebecca:

I have no companion to be with me. If one is needed, Spirit will provide.


Now, If you desire to help this Mission of Light, there are 3 ways to do so.

#1. Believe…believe this message. Believe with me. Spirit says that one priestess is needed to believe and do- if joined by believers all over the world, the results will be far more powerful for us all!

#2. Pray. Pray for me, hold space for me. I am not afraid at all. I am fully protected. Whole armies of Light are already assembled. I am simply the priestess to believe and hold space for the exit portal.

#3. Help fund these Important Missions.

It is not in my budget to do these mission on my own. Yet, I have already been called to open two portals and to do “healing of the land”,

All contributions will now go toward the present  “Land healing Walkabout” and the Next Portal Opening.

Next portal to be opened will be in South America!

Here’s the thing… as you are reading this, you already know which of the options you are to invest in. Why do I say invest? Because any investment of your energy or finances will be of benefit to you and the entire planet. Indeed the Universe.


To some of you, this entire mission may sound just plumb crazy.  That’s Ok too! It is my policy never to convince anyone of anything their heart does not resonate with.

Please drop into your heart now and ask if you can be part of this mission.

Yes, Rebecca I desire to help fund this “Mission of Light.”

( All contributions will be rewarded in kind by Spirit)

Contribute any amount as directed by Spirit.All contributions will go towards next portal opening (In South America) or to the “Land Healing Walkabout” In Late November and all December)





Love and happiness,



PS: The Exit Portals  are for Lost Souls to exit through as well.


PSS: Leave your comments and tell me if you will believe and pray with me.


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