Trauma from Surgery GONE!


Halfway through surgery to repair her eyes…Betty  became conscious! She remembers the surgeon was mad as heck at one of the nurses…but worse, he was mumbling about the surgery NOT Going right! Talk about panic setting in! As soon as the staff noticed Betty was awake…they immediately put her back under.

Am I Dreaming?

Am I Dreaming?

She still remembers it to this day and I can hear the panic in her voice when she talks about it. True Story.


My friend Maria had a similar experience. Only she was having liposuction of the abdomen. She awoke to the sensation of being shaken around like a rag doll!

(Ever see them do lipo on TV? It’s brutal.) Just like with Betty, the nurse noticed…”hey, she’s awake”and put her back out quickly too.


My friend, Ascended Master Kuthumi has given me a new take on the whole  surgery situation.

According to Kuthumi, you are very close to the “other side “ in the state most surgeries induce. He suggests that when I teach this class I not only reprogram the event but use it as a tool for spiritual evolution!


Sounds kinda crazy…right?

(…and gee, Kuthumi, I wish you would have told me about this Yesterday when I was planning this class. He smugly replied…Rebecca, you didn’t ask me!”

So, Kuthumi is hijacking my “Trauma from Surgery class”and having me insert an opportunity for deep spiritual evolution in addition to healing the trauma.

So how’s Kuthumi going to do this?

He’s giving me a specific process to take you into another dimension where you will be administered a deep healing on many levels. From what I know of Kuthumi…He over delivers.


Kuthumi (Thanks Edith Boyer-Telmer)

Kuthumi (Thanks Edith Boyer-Telmer)


Below is a scenario that happens. You be the judge of whether or not this was your experience.

You can almost feel glaring fluorescent lights  penetrating your body…but wait! You can’t feel anything because you are under general anesthesia.

Yes, your conscious mind is sleeping yet, your unconscious mind and body tissues are awake and fully aware of everything that is going on.

Your body tissues scream in agony as the surgeon cuts…but, no worries, you can’t feel a thing.

The body feels as if it is under attack and there is no defense!


Sure, when you made this decision, you knew it was for the best. It was something that HAD to be done. There IS a way to prepare the body for surgery on a mental, physical and spiritual plane, yet nobody realizes the importance of this. The body tissues never forget anything!

(This audio class  teaches you how to prepare in case you ever need surgery again)


The above scenario is just one of the things that can happen because of surgery that nobody address. Have you ever noticed that after surgery, you can have lingering discomfort? Or other discomforts pop up?

Your body tissues remember and in some cases, the body is grieving the parts that were cut off and thrown away like garbage.


Body parts anyone?

Body parts anyone?

Another grave problem that can occur is… “Picking up negative energy vibrations while helpless under general anesthesia”.



  • Doctors comments…”Look at this poor sod, I doubt if he/she will live very long after this”.
  • Negative crosstalk between staff. Say somebody came to work in a rotten mood and are puking negative energy all over you while you are helpless.
  • Being treated like a piece of meat. Have you seen the rough way most doctors handle your organs? (After all, you can’t feel anything and they are just trying to ‘get the job done’.


The Very Worst…


Picking up ‘Connected Souls’.

The worst thing that can happen during a surgery is picking up a few hitchhikers. Spirits that are lost and find safe haven in your auric field. These are not Evil…just lost.

This can cause you to feel a heaviness. Sometimes you don’t even realize that you have this heaviness until it is released from you. This often happens to caregivers as well. Believe me, there are LOTS of discarnate beings around any hospital.


This is nothing to be afraid of. It is easily solved. It simply must be addressed on all the levels.

Q. Does, everyone who has had general anesthesia, need this healing

A. No…if you said prayers of protection and prepared your body for what was to come, you should have been protected

Q. I have had more than one surgery, what should I do?

A. I provide you with the audio and you can do it again for each surgery. Some, can be “lumped together”

Q.What are some of the signs I may need the healing this audio program provides?

A. Here are some signs your body or spirit picked up negativity:

  • You feel a general ‘heaviness
  • You find the heaviness make you procrastinate
  • Inability to reduce body-weight (this can occur when the body wants to hold on to the tissues due to feelings of loss)
  • A feeling of panic or anxiety when you think of hospitals, doctors, etc.
  • A dragging feeling in spiritual growth. (Attached souls do NOT want you to become aware- they Love feasting off your energy- you rock at being a banquet for the lost)

Anymore questions about this class? You can email or call me. 956-457-5568.


I have priced this class very low because I truly believe that almost everyone who has had surgery… needs it. This can make a huge difference in your energy for life! Plus, with Kuthumi’s  guidance…you will have an extraordinary Spiritual Experience!

Q. How are you going to take off this trauma?

A. Gee, you want to me to spill my guts? (Pun intended)

  • Reprograming the whole surgery experience using a deep trance state.
  • Re-claiming your power over the situation that caused you to need surgery in the first place. *This is VITALLY important!
  • Sending the ‘connected souls’ and any attached entities to the light. (We Must have the power of Christ for this treatment)

 …and with Kuthumi and other Ascended masters,  your past experience becomes a present day healing and leap forward in Spiritual Evolution!

Why don’t you tune into Master Kuthumi and ask if you would benefit from experiencing this audio program?

He’s real easy to talk too!

This is an Audio Program: Just follow the class as if I were there holding your hand

(Because I will be there in Spirit)

Investment only $67

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