Ascended Masters Magnificent Channeling Course

 (Now a Powerful Four week Audio Course- take it from anywhere!)

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A Special message from Ascended Master Kuthumi…

“Spiritual Hunger comes from your soul…it’s your soul calling you to fulfill what you came here for. For true Light workers, the thirst never ceases.”

Now, with The “Mystical Marriage” ceremony included  every single week.

According to Kuthumi, the Mystical Marriage is the Highest ‘Frequency Raising’ Ceremony being offered at this time.

 *See Footnote.


  • Note: What follows is not ‘sales copy’…it’s a class description. Besides, Kuthumi is asking me to do this for such a low, low fee. (No 4 week training has ever been this low)


“Ascended Masters Magnificent Channeling Training”

From Non-channel-er to Channel-er in 4 weeks. (Or increase the skills you have)

Why I’m holding this Training:

Ascended Master Kuthumi asked me too… Incarnated Messengers are needed (That would be you, if you’re feeling the call)


” The Reunion of the Masters.”

The Ascended Masters are reuniting as a Collective to bring much desperately needed information to thrust us into the 5th dimension more fully. They cannot do this without the help of human messengers.


Kuthumi says that hearts are already being prepared to be part of this Great Re-Union of the Masters. Many of you reading this have been “Messengers for the Masters” in previous incarnations.

It is now time for many of those Long-lost truths to come to light. Each Master has a piece of the puzzle. Each messenger will be part of the whole.



*Remember, you do not need to take my training if it does not resonate with you. I have already provided DIY instructions in a no-cost video.


Class Description:

Week 1.

  • Choosing the right Ascended Master for you. (If you have not already- this will be done by what Kuthumi calls the ‘3 Stone’ method.
  • Construct ‘Channeling Agreement’ (So that you both are in agreement)This has never been done in any of my classes)
  • Awakening and Alignment of your psychic reception areas to match with the Master. (So that you can receive clearly)
  • Instructions for “Nocturnal Immersion Therapies”- (So that you can transform while you sleep)
  • Begin “Kinesetic Channeling practice” (So that you can become familiar and “feel” your master in your being.

*Yes, Mystical Marriage ceremony begins.


Week 2:

  • How to channel in 10 dimensions at once.(So that your ministry is not limited to this dimension only)
  • Mystical Marriage Union (Nothing wakes up, your abilities like this-worth the price of the training all by itself) -I have never taught this before.
  • How to receive “Lost-truth instructions’ from Ancient Scribe, Thomas.
  • Practice receiving by writing
  • Aligning the creative, outflow centers with your Master


Week 3:

  • Ascended Master Chakra Cleanse
  • Special anointing of the Throat Chakra for Speaking messages
  • Repeat of the Mystical Marriage Union (You can never get enough of this, it feels soooooo good- you will wonder why it was lost.
  • Visit a lifetime where you already channeled for a Master.
  • More writing then practice of speaking messages (This will be easy as I show you my no-fail way to do this. Trust me.)


Week 4:

  • How to get the messages out to the world without spending a dime!
  • How to share messages anonymously.(If you wish)
  • How to know when to share and who to share with.
  • How to let this all be as easy as breathing.
  • How to move into more advanced messages

*Yes, we do the Mystical Marriage here too!


So there is the course description.

Are you ready?

Delivery Method: Audio!

Each week you will receive a power-filled audio segment. This is created from a LIVE teleseminar.

How much: The whole time I was creating this, I was thinking $497. There has never been a course like this specifically for Ascended master Channeling. (Certainly not in 10 dimensions at once)

However, Master Kuthumi is asking me to make it as low as I can and still cover my expenses.


So…I will slash $497  by half making it  only $247!

On GROUPON this week_ use coupon code ‘ MASTER’ for 100 dollars off the already reduced fee!

 *Makes it only 147 for this incredible four week course!

That is an amazing savings for this depth of training!





Now, that is an incredible offering! I will teach my heart out just the same as if you had paid me the full $497!


More info:

The Ascended Master Kuthumi is the door-keeper of the ancient Occult Mysteries, and is also the co-protector of the Holy Grail – the ancient quest for self-awareness.

Master Kuthumi will be instrumental in the re-emergence of knowledge that has been lost to mankind for so long.

Master Kuthumi currently shares the role of World Teacher. However, during the Age of Aquarius Master Kuthumi will take on full responsibility for this enormous undertaking.

As Koot Hoomi Lal Singh he attended Oxford University in the late 1800’s and he was of Kashmir origin.

As Pythagoras ( 582 – 500 bc ) he established a mystery school in the South of Italy, which was mostly devoted to the teaching of Mathematics, Numerology, and Sacred Geometry. Founder of the Hippocratic Oath, the Tree of Life, and the use of mandalas. This school was destined to become a Mystery School for the White Brotherhood.

Another incarnation was as Balthazar, one of the Three Wise Men who came to Baby Jesus. And in yet another very well known incarnation he was Francis of Assisi. And again later as Shah Jenan, builder of the Taj Mahal.

In the late nineteenth century, Master Kuthumi, with Master El Morya, was instrumental in the establishment of the Theosophical Society, to ensure that long lost truths re-surface.


PS: Kuthumi promises to be “pillar of light” to all those who take this training. He will guide you in spite of any fears you may have.


List of Ascended Masters:


*Footnote about Mystical Marriage

The Mystical marriage is a union between the Pituitary gland and the Pineal gland.

This union causes one to become a greater, magnificent, living, breathing, walking antenna for the Divine. Your senses are heightened and you may feel as if you are living in two dimensions’ at once. (You are living in many dimensions right now, however you are not aware of this)


This morning, right after the meditation, Kuthumi directed me to do the ‘Mystical Marriage’ process to myself. His words to me were…

“I don’t care how anyone else has ever directed this ceremony, do it as I instruct you. My instructions are in harmony with what is needed NOW, in this time of ascension and global awakening.”

So of course I did as Kuthumi instructed me.


Kuthumi added… ”Doing this ‘my’ way causes you to be cocooned in a cloud of purple/violet light. The frequency of this light is such that it attracts High Angelic Beings to come and bask in the love-light this purple aura creates.”



Of course, right after I got my feet back on the ground enough…I wrote down the exact instructions Kuthumi had given me.


Further, Kuthumi directs me to *repeat this “Mystical Marriage” ceremony each week in my Ascended Masters training course. This way, participants get 4 weeks of doing this ceremony weekly. By the end of 4 weeks, your vibrations will be through the roof!

*This ceremony is already included  in the training- and He wants it weekly.


Kuthumi jokingly reminded me to include a grounding exercise to “prevent rising up off the surface of the planet” (His exact words)


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