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We all have spirit guides and they are always looking out for our best interest.

But sometimes, a spirit guide may need a bit of “extra help”.

You see, there are many Beings of Light who are eager to help…especially in this time of great shifting.


And sometimes, YOU need a bit of extra help that can only be provided by an “expert” in a certain field.

Not every spirit guide is an expert in everything that you may need.


If you are going through something you don’t understand and you feel you need “extra help”- then help is available to you.

You can simply ask your own spirit guide to go out and find the right extra help for you both…or you can take a deeper “hands on” approach.

I was guided by Divine Mother ┬áto offer this service …so don’t feel you are going behind your spirit guides back. They WANT you to start being more aware of the help that is out there for the asking.

Here is the service I was asked to provide:

  • You email me what you feel you need “special” help with right now.
  • I consult with Azna and my spirit team as to who can best help and fit in with your current Spirit Guide.
  • I email you back with the name (or names) and their specialty.
  • I include the best way to contact them to let them know your needs and expectations.
  • Included are any special mantras, rituals, practices that will help bring your results faster.

The cost for this unique service is $80.

After payment, you will receive complete instructions.

You will have your response within a week of you getting me the information I need to intercede on your behalf.



I am taking 3 of these each week.

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