Pleiadian Protocol for Reducing Excess Body Mass *Audio Online Course

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If you find yourself in an overweight condition and feel helpless to do anything about it…Please listen to what our Pleiadian Friends have to say.

After all, they have been watching and loving us for thousands of years!

Nutshell Pleiadian Protocol:

  • Protocol #1. Remove De-Sensitizing Sludge

  • Protocol #2. Rev up  Your Metabolism with Time Travel!

  • Protocol #3. Effortless Remembering to do the Protocol… plus Movement.

  • Bonus Protocol:  UN-BRAINWASHING  technique.

  • Who or What is keeping you fat? This just revealed! There could be an “attached” energy that you need protection from!

 This shall be addressed first...if there is a person in your life weighing you down, or an old belief, or a decision you regret- The Pleadians say we MUST take care of this before proceeding!

*For info on the Pledians and why they are so concerned with us- see footnote.

Pleadian friends LOVE us!

Pleadian friends LOVE us!

 There is One Big Reason our Pleiadian friends want to help us with this problem…

Nope- Not because excess body-mass can be unhealthy.

Nope- Not because excess body-mass can be unsightly (to ourselves)

Nope- Not because excess body-mass can cause us to feel unaccepted.

Are you ready?

It is because we feel shame about our bodily condition.

Shame being the very lowest Vibration puts us out of harmony and this affects this planet and others!

 Because when we feel shame, we hide our light.

And when we hide our light, we are not fulfilling our purpose as ecstatically as we planned.

And when we are not fulfilling  our purpose as eagerly as we planed- our souls does not expand as much…we do not evolve as much as we really really want to.

We cannot see the limitless possibilities before us when we have any increments of shame.

We feel Shame...

We feel Shame…

Ways we feel shame:

  • We feel shame that we have let ourselves get into an overweight condition.
  • We feel shame because we cannot compare to the FALSE images of beauty propagated by the media.
  • We feel shame that we consider ourselves Light Workers and we cannot even control our weight.
  • We feel shame to really put our work out into the world for fear of being criticized.
  • We feel shame that if we cannot even control our weight then we are just a big loser in all phases of life.

Can I get an “AMEN?”

Q. So…How Does this “Protocol” work?

A. By addressing 3 major Problems that contribute to “excess body mass” using  unique, Star-Birthed Solutions.

Protocol #1. Removing the De-Sensitizing Sludge

According to our Pleadian friends. We have an accumulation of “Numbing” energies that line our mouth, esophagus, stomach and even colon. This De-sensitizing Sludge causes your body to:

  • Be unable to send you signals of what you really need by mis-reading signals of hunger, cravings and nutritional needs.
  • Make it almost impossible to reach a level of saity
  • (Not to mention feeling so weighed down, we don’t feel like moving)

This sludge is caused by un- natural ingredients in the foods we eat. Pesticides, preservatives, even over the  counter medications.

The Council of Pleadian  Emissaries of Light presented a twofold solution:

A.  An easy-to learn breathing technique that causes peristaltic action in the entire digestive system. (This also flattens the stomach from the Inside- outside)

B. An easy-to find supplement that helps with  BOTH  the sludge and  absorption  of the good stuff.

What I’ve noticed since doing this part:

  • My stomach is way flatter!
  • I can only eat half my food portion because I feel so satisfied.
  • I find myself craving kale, spinach and arugula with no sense of deprivation

What next?

Protocol #2. Rev Up Your Metabolism

This is accomplished by time-travel. Yep, traveling back in time to a place where you had a healthy metabolism, attaching to the Morphic resonance and bringing it home to your present morphic field.

This could be someplace in this lifetime, a past life- a parallel Universe…or we can tap into a morphic field of someone we KNOW has a great metabolism and “borrow” it. (May sound crazy but makes perfect sense to me)

I will explain how I learned to do this particular Time Travel- and what fabulous results you can get with it!

Ok…what is the Third Protocol?

Protocol #3. Effortless Remembering to do the Protocol… plus Movement.

When you start any kind of protocol, two things can happen.

#1. You just can’t remember to do it.

#2. Your inner child goes nuts and you wind up eating like crazy to shut that little brat up! (fear of deprivation)

Q. So, How you gonna help me remember? ..Effortless Remembering? (There is an APP for that)

A. Have your own Higher Self, Inner Wisdom design 3 computer chips (APPS). Your own angels install these 3 chips and all you have to do is tap them every now and then to keep them activated. Think of this as an “APP” you can access anytime that is always connected to your highest good.

Note: The Pleadians will not install the chips for you- they are only suggesting that you ask your own trusted angels to do it for you.

Q. What are the 3 chips (APPS) for and how do I know how to design them?

A. Don’t worry, I will guide you in accessing your inner wisdom to design the perfect chips (APPS) for you.

They will include:

#1. A chip for self love (most needed)

#2. A chip for movement (The Pleadians say NOT to use the trigger word ‘exercise’. Movement is more important than structured exercise for most individuals (I will explain more in class)

#3. A chip for ‘The best nutrition for you’ -may change daily.

What I have noticed since creating and installing my own 3 chips (APPS)

  • I hop up out of bed with no alarm
  • I put on music and dance (My favorite form of ‘movement’)
  • I feel more creative
  • I feel like doing more everything, more classes, more free videos, more channeling
  • Information flows to me more easily
  • I feel more love and mercy towards myself
  • I feel more love towards everyone and feel their love in return

Now an Exciting Audio Course!

(Allow 2 hours for class)

How Much?

$67    Use coupon code’ fat loss’ and get HALF OFF!

(Place code in coupon box at checkout)

 Q. What if this class does nothing for me?

A. If you don’t feel this information is Unique, Valuable,and Effective for you- just let me know and I will refund your money. I do ask that you give this a chance.

Q. How long should it take before I start reducing my excess body mass?

A. That depends on your body. The Pleadians will give instructions on how to make this work faster for you.

Q. Is this a diet?

A. No, this protocol is meant to be an easy way to help your body find it’s natural “set-point” of healthy mass.

Q. Anything else?

A. Yes, the Pleadians have asked me to offer an UN-BRAINWASHING  technique.

We have all been brain washed by the media to  unrealistic body image- something we can never attain.


Use coupon code fat loss and get HALF OFF!

(Place code in coupon box at checkout)

* Footnote: Who are the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light and why do they want to help us?

Why do they care about us living our soul purpose?

These dear Star friends have been watching over us for many years. They are from the star system Pleiades yet traverse many universes. The state of humanity reflects back to not only their Universe but many others. The greater degree of happiness, satisfaction, and personal evolvement   on this planet affects many. The Pleiadians are lovers and truth givers.

They seek only to be of service. Just because this Protocol was given to me by them does not mean that you have to believe or embrace them if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Instead- let this info be from Rebecca. Trust your gut.

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  1. Michelle Ensinger on December 31, 2014 at 7:44 pm

    I have a small animal rescue and have been foreclosed on..I have to sell, pay off $80,000 or move by Jan. 25.2015…I have asked for assistance, including from the Pleadians,,and have got a job to support us but not enough to pay off the debt. I am responsible for this situation, but my rescue is not regular farm/domestic pets. I have many with special needs. No I am not registered as a non profit. I had pets and as time has progressed, I have received ducks with deformed legs, blind chickens, etc. I also have a 14 year old cow, a recently received 6 year old pygmy goat, a 7 yr old floppy eared rabbit and I have 2 geriatric dogs..old than 15. I love all of my p.c.(pet companions) and if we have to move, the property has not sold…at this point (had to drop the cost 30,000 to appease the court), and to move them in the middle of winter..their runs are frozen in the ground, and to relocate in the cold, could be devestating. I have been asking for help for over 6 months..and honestly do not know what else to do…These babies are my primary and I love them more than words can say. I have to go to the Blaine library for any internet correspondence. Too costly to try and hook up at home. I am open to any suggestions..Thank you for listening…(phone..360.441.3229…Health, Wealth and Love to you in 2015. Thank you

  2. VIE on September 9, 2014 at 9:14 am

    Hi Rebecca, Like Karen I agree that this is a very fair price for this class but I can’t take it right now but would like to know if you will offer it on your website so I could take it at a later date when I have the extra money. Thanks, VIE

  3. Regina on September 5, 2014 at 12:11 pm

    This sounds very interesting, but I don’t understand. Are all three classes the same, just at different times? Also I just paid to bring my daughter home from Tennessee to CA where she was in an abusive relationship and money is REALLY tight. Plus I will be helping her when she gets here. She has no money and I have very small income.

  4. Heidi on September 4, 2014 at 4:48 pm

    I feel your classes are priced INCREDIBLEY LOW for the value you give and I appreciate you beyond measure! There are many, many healers and intuitives who charge massive amounts for their offerings and you could certainly do that as well and be completely justified. So from my perspective, I just want to say Thank You for your generosity in your pricing and all that you extend to us in your tribe! 🙂

  5. cc on September 4, 2014 at 4:22 pm

    too too much money – yet again !!!

    some of us are not abundant as you –

    if you want to help – FREE

    at least affordable 2 all

    $10 would be good

  6. mary gilligan on September 4, 2014 at 1:02 pm

    Hi Rebecca
    Im just wondering are these classes priced at $67 per class?. I feel I could do with all three 🙂

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