Know Now: Destiny Readings With A Purpose

In Preparing for this lifetime, each one of us meant to be a much Greater Light than we are being now …

Each one of us made a much greater plan then we are accomplishing now.

Yet, in our soul’s journey, some of us chose to align with a part of darkness for a brief time.

But only so that we could find the greater light that we are are /were Destined to become, according to our first Choosing. 

What went wrong?

What we didn’t know was that once we accepted the brief encounter with the dark, the chaos energies would deceive us so tremendously!

In their eagerness to do a good job the chaos energies went a bit too far.

But since even chaos energies have free will, they were allowed.

How did the dark/chaos energies go too far?

They inserted Sabotage Codes into those who are meant to be the greatest leaders, the greatest light, and the greatest placeholders.


What is a placeholder?

A placeholder is someone whose greatest contribution is to simply hold the place, hold the space in peace.

A placeholder position is valid and equal to every other contribution.


How do these Sabotage Codes manifest?

Very often the light worker’s greatest sabotage is a complete lack of business ability.

We are encoded to think that it is non-spiritual to do everything in our power to get our message out.

Only a few light workers study sales techniques and marketing techniques in order to get their message out. Most simply sit around and wait for God to do it for them!

Light-workers can be burdened by:

  • shame issues
  • feeling “less than”
  • feeling like their gifts are not good enough…all the while KNOWING that Surely Something Must be Wrong Somewhere – but what? And where?

Sabotage issues can be shrouded as:

  • Health issues (how can I do my calling if I have poor health?)
  • Relationship issues (how can I do my calling when I keep attracting crappy relationships?)
  • Approval issues (OMG! What will my family say if I really shine my Light?!?)


In a Know Now Destiny-Shifting session…

We will absolutely shift the frequency caused by the sabotage code.

This requires actually taking the codes out, and re-arranging them to the original specifications that was Intended in the Plan for this Incarnation.

This can only be done in the fifth dimension.

If you decide this Session is for you..

I will take you there … into the Fifth Dimension where you will have a removal of the chaos sabotage codes. (I have been given a secret code that safely opens the portal to the 5th Dimension and brings you back safely)

The sabatoge codes will be rearranged by Beings of Light into their original configuration.


All readings are much more than readings… they are also awakening sessions.

Even the email consults will cause already-in-place crystals in your brain and spinal column to become more receptive to your own divine insight.

The session will culminate in the divine One Drop Technique: you will be infused with One Drop of Goddess blood. This will seek out and  transmute any remaining debris sabotage codes… over time.

IMPORTANT: The session can be very intense and you will want to “Be Still” and integrate for an hour afterward. This is NOT a chit-chat session and requires no effort on your part except to show up and allow.

I will be accepting three of these per week, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

When all spaces are full for the week, you will be first in line for the following week.

Click here to claim your space now: $300.00


PS: When I was told to offer this, I thought it sounded too…well crazy!

But, I did the entire process to myself first (like I always do). Within hours, I was offered a reliable outsource assistant to help me expand my outreach. I had been thinking about it for years but just couldn’t find the right person.

As Light Workers, it is Vital to recognize the importance of our work and to get that “help” into the hearts of those who need it.

What people say…

Charlon was one of the First to Experience this New Service from Divine Mother…

I was fortunate to have a “Know Now Destiny Shifting” session with Rebecca at the perfect moment in my personal evolution.

Charlon BoboDuring our time, I received the infusion of a single drop of golden Mother God blood that set into motion an activation wave that is now a part of my own bloodstream.

Rebecca also guided me into the 5th dimension where I was given insights by Archangel Michael about my next six month journey, and what would be a prominent focus for me.

The experience was transformational in so many ways and multiple dimensions.

There is nothing like having a competent guide like Rebecca during this time of great transition.

I highly recommend scheduling a personalized session so you can experience a Mother God infusion and an activation wave of your own.

Charlon Bobo


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  1. Patricia Tierney on October 10th, 2014 1:08 am

    Looking for a destiny reading if you are available. Thanks, P.

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