Embody the Divine: Audio Course

Now a Spectacular Audio Course! (created from Live teleclass)

Embodying the Divine…so spirit has been talking to me about the importance of giving a course on “Embodying the Divine”, I was given specific instructions on “how to do it”.

Doggone it… when I ‘tuned in’ to see who  might be best suited for my energy to embody…Jesus popped up.

Awww man…Jesus?


Ya gotta be kidding! I don’t want to ‘do you’– I spent too many years being terrified of you!

Sigh…you know I did the embodiment  anyway and it was a most astonishing experience!

and then…Saturday night…I took Jesus dancing!

Jesus in His dancin clothes!

Jesus in His dancin clothes!

So what did I notice was different in being partially joined with Jesus?

* I felt much more love for everyone I met

* Folks seemed to feel more love for me. Heck, the man collecting money at the door bought me a glass of wine which cost 8.( Impressive because he only got 20 for watching the door)

* I had more fun than I have had in years dancing…and that is without a date!


Jesus had a whole lot of fun and seemed very grateful for being taken out dancing!

Geesh, I really danced a whole lot better too! I noticed that I could ‘follow’ anybody no matter what they threw at me.

I kept whispering to Jesus…”are you having a good time?” Jesus answered . “Yes, and I’m really loving this wine.”

The dancing was only the ‘partial embodiment’.

 So…what was the full embodiment experience like for me?


Fully ‘Embodying the Divine’ -in this case Jesus.

First, let me say that I had never before ‘fully embodied’ only partially. It takes complete surrender and trust to fully embody a Deity… and, only with very specific guidelines. ( I have specific instructions and will guide you safely in class)

I was guided to lie down as I prepared my energy field and followed channeled instructions.

The embodiment started off very slowly…like two lovers in sensual dance.

First come close..then back off a bit and then barely touching Ka bodies. When the frequencies were sufficiently adjusted…we merged.

Divine Ecstasy! OMG! Never have I felt such Intense Bliss!


Wave after wave of intense pleasurable feelings pulsed through my body. I was completely surrendered and felt like I couldn’t move a muscle if I tried.

It was like a Divine orgasmic experience that lasted until I told it to stop!


Wowsers…you just gotta try this!


I was instructed to only hold this level of embodiment for 5 minutes.

It was my sole intention to be a host to the Divine specifically for him (Jesus) to have the experience of human pleasure.(And I continued by inviting him dancing with me)

If you decide to join me in this audio course, all you have to do is be present, pay attention, do every exercise, and allow me to do the work of adjusting your frequencies.

That’s my personal experience…now, let’s talk about you.

Why would you want to have this experience?

To Embody the Divine?

“Embodying the Divine Level 1” is about giving the Deity the opportunity to experience human sensations. In return, the Deity gives you the chance to experience the Light of Creation on the deepest level possible.


AS you allow the Deity to embody you, they more fully pick up information from humanity, funnel that into another dimension where a special committee can use the information more wisely.

Not only that…each time you practice ’embodiment’ you raise your frequencies and everyone around you will benefit.

You are opening a portal and creating a space ‘between the veil’. It’s like the “hundredth monkey” syndrome.

It only takes a few pioneers to establish a new, higher way of being.

Soon, it may become quite ordinary!



Q. What is the hardest part of Embodying the Divine?

A. The hardest part is to realize that you are the director of this experience. You may need to adjust your frequencies to the Deity you select…but keep in mind, you are doing them a HUGE favor! We are so accustomed to thinking that we are ‘lower’ than the Divine. In fact we are Divine ourselves in human form. In this act, we are giving the Divine a choice to experience humanity without having to incarnate.

Q. Why are the Deities asking you to teach a class like this? (sounds kinda’ arrogant)

A. Several Reasons…

#1.Because they want to experience human sensations without having to incarnate .

#2.Because they KNOW it will raise your own frequencies.

#3.Because they Know this action will cause a thinning of the veils forever

#4.Because they KNOW this action will create evolutionary leaps for everyone

#5.Because they want to be INVITED in!

#6.Because they want to open the pathways for you to experience more pleasure in life!

#7. Because it’s just plain fun! This breaks the barriers of separation like nothing else.


Q. How can I expect my life to change by taking this audio course?

A. Greatest benefit? You will realize you are equal in your wanting. They want you and you want them.

You will have the residual deity chemistry trails that will grow stronger each time you merge.

You will realize that you have the power to grant a favor to the Divine!


Q. Will I be able to work miracles or have greater powers?

A. The purpose of this level One class is the merge and experience the pleasure of the Divine. Later, I may be guided to have more advanced levels. If you cannot be humble enough to simply allow your own pleasure than you are surely not ready to take on greater powers!


Q. How will I know which Deity to choose?

A. They will likely choose you- I will help you in this course. (I have a list) You do NOT choose with your head! This is to experience the pleasure of Divine Union.


Q. Will I have to give anything up?

A. No, silly rabbit! They want to experience HUMANESS…what would be the point if you needed to change first?

Q. Are there any downsides?

A. I have not experienced any downsides at all. Unless you count…

• more bliss

• heightened sense of sensuality

• more abundance (seems doors are opening more easily)

• more love in my life

• better body image (don’t know why that is…but it is)


Q. How many times can I do the merging technique?

A. As often as you want. You will have a separate short audio to guide you in this in case you want to do this daily. After the initial merging, the pathways are created and you can do it much more quickly.

Q. How is this different from channeling?

A. Channeling is usually done to give out a message or information. This is done for your own benefit and the benefit of the Deity . Other classes I teach focus on world service, this is personal.

You could consider this like a Divine Marriage.

I am the minister performing the ceremony. If you go your separate way and live in separate households, you will not have a very successful marriage will you?

The intensity of the connection is completely up to you.


Q. How much is this audio course? Will the audio “Do the trick?”

A. I am guided to offer this very reasonable. Because so many Deities are “peeing in their pants” to merge with you- (and YES the Audio will work)

Only $67 for this two hour audio course created from a live teleclass. Use coupon code friday52 and save 52%right now.




PS: They helped me write this entire letter in record time so I could get it out to you.

PSS: Click the YES photo to see the list of Deities chompin at the bits to merge with you.

PS: SEveral people may embody the same Divinity. It s the different aspects of your own humanity that they seek to bless

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15 Responses to “Embody the Divine: Audio Course”

  1. Dr. Willy Holmes-Spoelder on February 19th, 2014 7:17 am

    Dear Rebecca,
    1)you never cease to surprise your readers!
    2) about embodying Jezus: *not* for me, I have to say.
    Why that is so..well…after having been urged for over 25 years meanwhile to..*dance with Jezus*..really..also his mother Mary, also Jezus’ father..AND knowing how Jezus came to his end…
    BRR. And after having been *urged* (manipulated) by many more *divine* entities…NO…
    3) Am I a coward? scared ? probably. In my world as a Master Metaphysician…I have worked towards: keeping 2 feet firmly planted on my own healthy soil, cellular *perfection*.
    Jeez…what the bleep is happening?
    But I continue following you adventure(s) with extreme interest!

    Note: it is true that RADIATION RADIATION RADIATION has become *exposed daily life for everyone on planet EARTH* = my awareness, which also is STRESS, and 60x more than prior to a meteoric impact on planet Jüpiter (2*1994) AND our cells just cannot cope with this.
    Note: I am *not lost* even if your newest adventure *struck me speechless*.
    I am sticking to:

    1) The Age of Aquarius (The New Age) = The Age of URANUS, cellular REGENERATION, a totally *free* from sexually transmitted diseases ERA.
    That Rebecca *was thrown onto me, into my lap (1991), and I had absolutely *not one* hesitation to say YES to doing that (metaphysical) job.
    2) We have just completed the Age of Pisces/Neptune, = also the AGE of Jezus Christ, therefore as far as I am concerned: DONE

    I am cycling happily on GOD’s beautiful roads, amidst planet Earth’s NEW vibrations provided, such as new leaves, flowers, scents. aroma’s, colours etc. excercising my lungs, bones, tissues, REGENERATING.
    I just hate flab, wrinkles, old age, dried out cells, a dusty blocked brain.
    I just LOVE new, totally new stuff..whatever!

    Karmic clearances? YES, forever. Getting rid of poisonous matter and waste? YES. Thriving physically, mentally, financially ? absolutely. There is still a lot to achieve before all of us can START to live lives as GOD once provided: perfect humans.



  2. admin on February 19th, 2014 11:03 am

    Willy, I always love your wise input! Lets meet up one day…

  3. Maksim on February 20th, 2014 10:09 pm

    Dear Rebeca.
    I want to thank you and God for such a wonderful opportunity for humanity to embody the Deities. I have some questions to you about it. Is it possible to embody with this method my Higher Self and even my Great I AM Pressence? If it possible, then how to do it permanently?
    Much love, Light and Blessings to you.

  4. Julie Bernstein Engelmann on February 21st, 2014 6:00 pm

    I have actually had this experience quite a bit, too, and never found anyone to explain what it was before. Thank you!

    Two questions:
    In using this class other times after the live experience, would one choose/be chosen by different Deities or always the same one?

    If it were to be one that never made it to your list, do you have a way to include/allow that possibility in the class?

    Thanks, Rebecca!

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