Healing Abortion Pain for Everyone

In my work with thousands of women, I have never seen anything affecting the emotions like the pain of abortion. Even years later…many women still suffer untold agonies.

*Audio Course- heal in private!

(THis Healing applies to miscarriage and stillbirth as well)

  There is so much shame around abortion, no one even talks about it. 
If you are in a room with 50 women, I guarantee that at least 25 of 
them have had abortions.
The incidence is even higher if you include miscarriages 
(spontaneous abortions with some of the same “soul contract” issues) 




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This Course is unlike anything ever presented in healing this pain.


Because this class addresses the pain of Everyone involved, both near and far.

  • The Woman: This pain can linger for years, even 50 years later there is unresolved guilt, shame,  feelings of abandonment and separation from God.
  • The Man: Accountability- Most men involved, have not suffered any emotional agony at all. Time to call them into accountability for their part and extend the same healing to them.(Energetically of course) *A lot of men who were involved were never told or given the choice.
  • The Spirit: Yes, the spirit who would have been born- where are they now and why did they chose  to go through this experience with you?
  • The medical staff: We offer them this same healing,  they are emotionally affected too!
  • Extended family: Whether they know…or not, they can be affected.
  • God: Many women feel separation and abandonment from god and cannot get fully over it, thus inhibiting fulfilling their purpose.(Plus BLAME of God…”Why did you let this happen to me?”)
  • Abortion hate mongers: People who hate, hate, hate those who have faced this agony need healing shame in their life too. It is often out of their own guilt about “something else” that they point the finger and cry “murder” (let him who is without sin among you…cast the first stone)

What you DON’T KNOW CAN hurt you! (Like Forever!!!)

 Soul Contract: 

All abortion involves a ‘soul contract’.There is NOT ONE abortion where the spirit does not know ahead of time, that here is a good chance they will be aborted.(This applies to miscarriage as well) Sometimes the spirit having free will, changes their mind and spontaneously aborts…or places the idea of abortion into the mind of the woman!  

Bet you didn’t know that! (I was astonished when spirit told me the last detail) Full details in class PLUS why you must acknowledge, complete and sometimes even rescind the soul contract. (full details in class)



Almost all of us have been aborted in some lifetime! Either spontaneously or by the parent. Karmically, the spirit who aborted you may form a soul contract with you to experience the opposite.

There is WAAAAAY more going on here, than…“Oh no, this is the wrong time for me to have a baby!”






Where is that spirit that would have been my baby?

The spirit that chose you is no stranger.

They either:

  • wait and come again when you are ready to have a baby
  • come to a relative or close friend
  • hang around as a spirit guide (FULL DETAILS of all this in class)

When the spirit is a Gatekeeper!

What? Yes, this can happen when you feel so much unresolved emotion that your emotions imprison the spirit as well.

The spirit does not intend to be a GATEKEEPER (one who prevents your forward progress) but YOU have them imprisoned so that THEY cannot move forward either!

Q. So, what’s the answer if I have this kind of gatekeeper (or more than one?)

A. You MUST acknowledge, complete, and rescind the soul contract. (I will guide you in class)

Q. What are some signs the spirit I aborted could be a gatekeeper?

A. A lingering heaviness, waking from sleep with an uneasy, guilt feeling, resentment of others in your life that you can’t quite explain, inability to experience high levels of pleasure…and finally, high levels of ‘self doubt”.


Q. Is every aborted spirit a gatekeeper?

A. No, this is quite rare as they do not wish to be a gatekeeper at all. It is only when you have ‘swept your pain under the rug” that this occurs.


Are you ready to accept healing?

Set the spirit free as well?

Fully understand why you had this experience in the first place?

Audio course: You be be free from pain in about two hours from now!


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*If no time is right for you, register and you will get the audio



PS: I have way more information and healing to share with you…you NEED to get this course!

Oh…and if you feel that you NEED to continue suffering, I ASSURE you that is NOT the case!

You cannot heal this through suffering! Plus, you are damaging the spirit by your suffering.


PSS: I have NEVER seen a “baby spirit”- all spirits are fully grown and come into soul contract with you in full knowledge!


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2 Responses to “Healing Abortion Pain for Everyone”

  1. carol on January 18th, 2014 1:33 pm

    Thank you so much! I understand 🙂

  2. Peace on January 19th, 2014 10:55 am

    Yesterday I decided not to take the class and felt so depressed the rest of the day. I’ve been working on my health and what came up for me is that I don’t deserve to be healthy and I think its because of this experience. I think i was afraid to face the feelings. So I’m now registered. Rebecca, I’m in my 40’s and may never be able to be a mother. I hope you will address this pain in the class too or give some advise for healing it offline. Thank you so much for doing this.

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