How to Make Divinely Correct IronClad Decisions…Every Time! Audio Program

Is anything more PAINfull than Needing to make a Huge decision that could seriously affect the rest of your life…and Feeling Terrified that you will make the WRONG one?


Testimony from J.B.E.

The first 7 minutes changed my life…

What a relief! I might be one of the most indecisive people on the planet.

In fact, I was too indecisive to buy the class in time for the first presentation, so choice events conspired to make me aware of how agonizing my indecision really was.

I finally put my order through in time to listen to the first several minutes of the recording before bed.

When I woke up I immediately started trying the technique out. OMG, it was fantastic!

I went through about 35 painful decisions that had been pending, cluttering up my head, my time, and my energy.

It worked!

So easy, simple and clean. I could not believe the peace I was able to come into. I even used it to decide the price of my upcoming workshop, and pricing had been particularly agonizing before.

Thank you, Rebecca and Maat, for this gift.

 This Weeks GROUPON!  Audio program…

What if you could turn HINDSIGHT into FORESIGHT?

In hindsight, how many financial opportunities have you missed out on …all because you took too long making a decision?

How many times have you made the Wrong decision and regretted it later?

Relationships? How many broken hearts could we have avoided?

PS: I wish I would have known about this process when I made the decision to leave my 2ND husband! I have regretted that decision for 29 years!


Introducing…The Audio Program for you!

 How to make Iron-Clad decisions, even if you feel…

• Spineless

• Wishy Washy

• Mamby Pamby…or just plain Cowardly!


If you can summon up enough courage to experience this Step by Step Audio program… your wishy washy days are over!


 Download it and have it forever!


Here’s what happened…

I was agonizing over some decisions of my own and feeling very frustrated. I was using partly my head and my heart to weigh all my options.

Still, when I arrived at the ‘End Decision’ it felt fuzzy at best.

That’s when I lost my temper!

(What? You think I’m too Holy for that?)

Gimme some Answers!

Gimme some Answers!


“Awwwww, come on Spirit, if I’m having trouble making a decision (considering all the hours I spend in meditation) Then others must be feeling this aggravation too!”

I continued my rant…”Send me an Iron-Clad Decision making process that can be used for instant, no holds barred, 100% certainty and clarity.

Send me a method that I can KNOW is sanctioned by Spirit for my highest good…and Spirit, could you do that NOW?”




Boom! Like Lightening…Enter the Goddess Maat! The Absolute Authority on Truth and Justice.


(Egyptian legend reports Maat carries the feather of truth and weighs it against the human heart in the afterlife)

*See Complete description below

Maat gave me complete instructions on how to make an iron clad decision and know for sure it is for our highest good!




This method Maat gave is so complete it will tell you:

• If the idea (or decision)is good but timing is not right

• If the idea is good but needs some tweaking

• If the idea just plain stinks for you

• If the decision is being influenced by subconscious patterns you need to clear

• If the decision is being influenced by the thoughts, opinions or programing of others (having their own agenda)


Feather of Truth!

Feather of Truth!

Furthermore, Maat’s method will help you ascertain:

• If you need to add something you already know about to make the decision viable

• If there is something you don’t know yet that is coming for you

• If you need to simply “BE Still” and wait


After learning the technique, you will find yourself applying it lickity split in every situation.

Decision making becomes so easy…  you barely think of an upcoming decision and Boom, the process takes over and within seconds you have an iron-clad decision that you KNOW is for your highest good!

This method from Maat, is so safe and secure, it becomes a natural, easy part of you.

Serving you Faithfully for the rest of your life!



Do we even realize how much time we waste Just trying to make ONE firm decision?

We AGONIZE weighing all the pros and cons till we are exhausted!

Sometimes this takes days, months or even years… Just think how far down the road to success we could be if we had confidence in our decisions.

Every spiritual teacher and student knows that the hardest part of progress is the firm decision.

Once a decision is made the whole Universe rises up to support you in that decision.

The Universe doesn’t judge whether your decision is right or wrong…it simply supports any firm, unyielding decision.



That’s why Maat’s method is the one thing that catapults you out of the mire and into the Ecstasy of Divine KNOWING!

Goddess of justice

Part of the magic of this process is the special way you formulate the questions.

Even the formulation of questions must not be wishy-washy. With Maat’s assistance, I have formulated an easy “ step to clarity” that will help even the most timid, indecisive of us get clear.


This class will help you:

#1. Get clear on the question about the decision

#2. Use Maat’s fail-proof decision making method to determine if this is for your highest good

#3. If it is- good for you…move forward in certainty.

#4. If it is NOT in your highest good- discover if it is the timing, others involved, or just plain bad for you.

#5. Discover if there is an alternative that would be better for you


To cover Everyone’s highest priorities you will Experience this ironclad process on:

• Relationship issues

• Finance/work/money issues

• Body conditions/ body image issues (IE is a certain treatment/diet/doctor for my highest good 







 Imagine how much simpler your life will be once you have this easy decision making process as your very own.

  • Imagine what a relief it will be not to feel you have to call someone else to get their advice.
  •  Imagine the  joy of being able to trust your own judgment for a change  KNOWING that you have made the right decision for you!
  • Imagine the support you will feel as you accept the loving guidance of this stream of pure “truth energy” that is Maat.
  •  Imagine how free you will feel as you no longer have to agonize for days about every decision.




 How Much is he AUDIO program? Regular $67

With GROUPON get  it for only $37… Act Now!

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(  ONLY $37 Regular $67)


Included is audio of all 3 times

class is taught




Love and firm decision blessings to you,



PS: Yes, uh huh, I know that we have all learned from making mistakes in decisions.

But…haven’t you done enough of that?

Are you ready to move through life more easily?

Are you ready to learn through more joy instead of so much agony?


I don’t know about you, but I’ve learned enough through making shaky decisions to last me a life time.


Audio program created from live presentation. The original energy will remain forever!




*Maat: Ancient Egyptian concept of truth, balance, order, law, morality, and justice. Maat was also personified as a goddess regulating the stars, seasons, and the actions of both mortals and the deities, who set the order of the universe from chaos at the moment of creation.


The opposite of Maat: Isfet (meaning “injustice”, “lie”, “wickedness”, “uncleanliness”, “chaos”, or “political unrest”; as a verb, “to do evil”[1]) is an ancient Egyptian term from Egyptian mythology used in philosophy, which was built on a religious, social and political affected dualism.[citation needed]

Principles and ideology[edit source | editbeta]

Isfet was thought to be the counterpart of the term Ma’at (meaning “(world-) order” and/or “harmony”). According to ancient Egyptian beliefs, Isfet and Ma’at built a complementary and also paradoxical dualism: one could not exist without its counterpart. Isfet and Ma’at balanced each other. An Egyptian king (pharaoh) was appointed to “achieve” Ma’at, which means that he had to keep and protect justice and harmony by destroying Isfet. The principles of the contrariness between Isfet and Ma’at are exemplified in a popular tale from the Middle Kingdom,[original research?] called “the moaning of the Bedouin”:

Those who destroy the lie promote Ma’at; those who promote the good will erase the evil. As fullness casts out appetite, as clothes cover the nude and as heaven clears up after a storm.[citation needed]

In the eyes of the Egyptians the world was always ambiguous; the actions and judgments’ of a king were thought to simplify these principles in order to keep Ma’at by separating order from chaos/good from evil.[2][3][4][5]

Coffin Text 335a asserts the necessity of the dead being cleansed of Isfet in order to be reborn in the Duat.[6]




Nutshell: Embracing the energy stream that is Maat, ends confusion and brings truth.


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One Response to “How to Make Divinely Correct IronClad Decisions…Every Time! Audio Program”

  1. William on September 10th, 2013 8:05 pm

    Those options would be amazing, if I didn’t choose my path ahead of time.

    All though I know it’s the people and the timing 100% of the time, those are concretes and for 30 years haven’t changed. And that is the only option I chose according to the beginning plan, how can anything else be better when the goal is different any other way?

    I don’t see how, wanting to be the UFC heavy weight, can be better as the boxing or wrestling in the olympics champ, when it is not dialogically or recognizably anything like UFC champ.

    I can see this being applied to, cooking.

    But careers? That’s a field where, your choice is what’s good for you and anything else is not the choice. Therefore you have a definable unchangable aspect and the other factors are negated. For all the people and times you go, will always be controlled by the label of the goal.

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