Anwar of Atlantis: Our Monetary System and why Your Light workers are Barely Surviving

Anwar, on the Atlantian Monetary system and Why Many Light Workers are Starving

Ok, maybe Light workers are not starving but barely eking out an existence. Pay close attention to this message because I believe it has the most value to all “people of the heart”- Light workers.

From Anwar: Rebecca the only reason one is having a hard time financially is because one is not valuing one’s wisdom, experience, gifts, talents and training.

In Atlantian times, wealth was measured by ‘Wisdom units”, not by a monetary system such as exists today.

A big Torment for your society is that you are taught to be-little yourself.

You are taught that Ego is your worst enemy and that if you acknowledged any of your gifts and talents yourself, then you re in danger of being ‘Egotistical’.

Not only that, Beloveds, you are taught that if you commit the sin of being egotistical, you will bring untold punishments down upon you. Further, you are taught that you will be displeasing to God and that you must do some type of penance to obtain forgiveness.

Ego, might be defined as ‘false sense of self’. From our view, you constantly deny your wonderful self. You constantly deny your value- therefore, you are not getting paid what you are worth.

(From Rebecca, keep in mind this is specific information affecting Light workers and may have different connotations for others.)


The worst crime we see is that your society does not acknowledge your wisdom either…therefore, you suffer greatly.

Anwar continues… How do you suffer?

Those of you who call yourselves light workers, light servers, or any other similar term- your greatest suffering is financial. Most of you are barely eeking out a living…am I correct?

The world, or society, will only reward you to the degree you acknowledge yourself.

No matter how spiritual you are, no matter how many gifts and talents you have…if you cannot acknowledge their value yourself- no one else will be willing to pay you for the using of them.

(From Rebecca, Brothers and sisters, can I get an “Amen?”)


Have we not heard you praise certain ones who extend their healing gifts and do not ask for money? As if that is the highest aspiration for a healer. Indeed… “Share your life energy with all and never ask for anything in return”.

It is up to each one of you to transform your own beliefs about your values.

The first step is awareness. Are you aware that you still carry any part or variation of this belief?

Define the root: To be truly spiritual, I should not accept payment for my gifts. Be aware of every time this thought comes up for you.

Another variation of this belief is: because I am a light worker, I should treat everyone who crosses my path whether they want to exchange energy with me or not. You actually do a disservice by extending your energy to a person or place where space is not readied for it.

let us continue with the faulty belief recognition awareness exercise. I want to be like Jesus, he never took money for his service to humanity. Beloveds, Jesus had soul agreements with each of the persons he touched. They agreed to first suffer the condition to be part of the miracle.

The only reason miracles were performed by Jesus was to build belief, belief in his message which was… “you are as Divine as I am Divine, greater things that this shall you do”


Let us now speak of the Atlantian monetary system as it applies to wisdom.

In our system, wisdom was honored, we have already said that, yes?

There was no teaching of shame around having wisdom, gifts, talents and all could be enhanced by training and regular “transmissions of awakening” from spiritual leaders.

At brith, each citizen was awarded a certain amount of “points” (this explains it best in your terms). There were enough points to see them through to a fine life and well into old age. If one used their points wisely, one could live in fine style and never ever suffer lack.

Rebecca: A fine system, but how could one build more wealth?

Anwar: Wealth could be built upon by obtaining training, developing skills, talents, spiritual gifts and allowing others to exchange points for service.

The burden of ” How Much to Charge” was never upon the giver of the service. Sure, there were some basic guidelines for each service offered …but it was entirely up to the receiver as the level of service they wanted to receive.

Rebecca: Can you give us an example of how this could work?

Anwar: Certainly, remembering that all citizens start off with the same number of points- it is in the acquiring of skills and the valuing of them that wealth grows. Are you with me?

Periodically, one of our spiritual leaders would transmit a powerful ‘Awakening ray’ a stream of energy that could accelerate wisdom and make it easier for each citizen to grow. This transmission would open and improve every type of wisdom, talent, work- every walk of life.


The spiritual leader would announce time and place of transmission. (It was not necessary to be in physical attendance, but many simply liked the camaraderie of coming together for such a purpose. There is great power in group transmissions but that is a topic for another time)

The transmitter would set some type of suggested amount of points for the maximum Absorption of transmission. The citizen would then decide the value of the transmission to themselves and whether or not they were ready to accept.

One citizen might decide they were ready to “open to the maximum” and they would chose to exchange the highest number of points. it was not uncommon for a citizen to exchange double the suggested amount of points.

The more points the citizens exchanged showed how much they valued the transmission. perhaps, a citizen only wanted to absorb 50% more power. they would exchange only 50% of the suggested points. perhaps, they wanted to give themselves more time to become accustomed to new levels of power.

There was never any judgment. The transmitter did not have any attachment to how much citizens wanted to absorb. He or she would simply transmit full force.

Because the transmission accelerated a citizens talents which immediately translated into the ability to accept higher points for their own service, there was no type of resentment.

Q. How much time between transmission was recommended?

A. If a citizen ordered the maximum transmission, it was recommended that they wait the equivalent to six weeks in your time measurement. If they ordered less, they were still encouraged to ‘use what you got” before ordering more.

Q. How did you keep citizens from cheating? Maybe they exchanged energy for only 50% but the transmitter expended full force.

A. That question would never even come up in our system. It was impossible to cheat- you determined by your exchange how much you were opening to. There was no thought of “How can I get something for nothing?” That is a thought brought on by much faulty believing.

Q. What would the transmission do for the citizen in practical terms?

A. Enhance their value! A citizen after receiving transmission would KNOW they had “extra fuel in the tank”. They acknowledged their heightened value themselves…this translated instantly into whatever service they were providing for clients.


Nutshell: A citizen ordered by energy exchange how much they wanted to receive- up to their capacity.


That is all for today.

Note from Rebecca: Anwar says that I will be ready to begin transmitting once more the ‘Awakening rays”- however, I have one more initiation to go through first.

I have already been through two initiations to have my energy adjusted to be able to do this.

(When I asked Anwar why I will be able to do this he replied…’Because you carry the genetic Lineage of the High Priests of Atlantis’)

However, Anwar says that before I can begin to transmit these power charging rays, I must help you release your false beliefs about ” Being spiritual equals being poor.” I will let you know when Anwar gives me complete instructions for that.

Anwar says he will give me those instructions this week for sure, Lord knows we need it!

(ohhh goody, maybe some strange Atlantian treatments for you)

…and there will be an energy exchange for this.


Love and Blessings,

Rebecca, the very Honored Messenger

(Honored to be of Service)


PS: This week, I will be announcing my first Class from Anwar:

“Healing the Beliefs Strangling Light workers”

The Atlantian Wisdom Approach

(A Light worker is anyone trying to do good in this world)


PPS: Registration is ongoing for the Nov. 15,16, 17

Seminar, Masters in Training, Combining Egyptian Mystery with Atlantian Wisdom

(If you feel ready for some very advanced training)



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