Travelers Prayer

I share this wonderful powerful prayer several times a year…it is just as powerful as the first time I used it…  I breezed through the worst traffic in Downtown Dallas TX in really good time and with perfect safety.

I use this prayer every time I go on any trip at all…automobile, plane or train.
Very effective!

Say this for yourself…say it for your loved ones…share it!

Watch the Video”


Not only has this prayer gotten me through the worst traffic imaginable… I always feels safe and make good time when I use it.

Please say this prayer for yourself and forward to any friends and loved ones who will be traveling this season.

Here it is in writing but if you want me to “pray it with you”…Watch the Video”

“Travelers Prayer”

Dear Mother/Father God, all my angels and guides.

Please surround me with a protective bullet of light 1 mile ahead, 1 mile behind, 1 mile on either side and 1 mile above and below.

I intend safety and pleasant journey and attract only those travelers with the same intention.

Bless every part of this vehicle and those around me. Send angels to guard every part of the engine and all parts of the vehicle.

Thank you, Amen


PS: Please change any part of this to suit your personal beliefs…hey, we are ALL One!



Love and happiness,



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One Response to “Travelers Prayer”

  1. laura on April 13th, 2013 10:34 am

    Thanks Rebecca for sharing this beautiful prayer. Sometimes I dont know how to put into words to the divine what I need and this prayer says exactly what is on my mind without it going on and on like i have a bad habit doing. You sent this at a time that I can really use a prayer of safety. Thank you and many blessings 🙂

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