Proof of Mother God?



Is there proof of Mother God Azna?


A very probing question from a reader stirred up some questions for our Divine Mother Azna. (Question below)

Dear Rebecca,

I would like to know the historical background of Azna. I need more than just what Sylvia Brown said her guide said. Surely there are other historical texts. My research leads nowhere. Do you have some leads. Testimonials are not what I mean either. Something like Isis or Athena or some other source. Thank you,



Well, it certainly is a legitimate question…right?

So, I had a very important discussion with Mother Azna to find some very real answers.

I added my own set of questions:

• Why is the name ‘Azna’ only just now being revealed?

What is the significance of that particular name?

• Is the name ‘Azna’ mentioned anywhere else in history and if so why have we not heard it?

• How can we use the knowledge of this name to advance spiritually? If so how?

• Is there any irrefutable proof of Mother God at all? In particular Azna?


The answers Azna gave me were more intriguing than I could ever have expected! She continues to add to this wisdom each day as I journal. I think I’m most excited about the way Mother Azna wants to help us accelerate our evolution and manifesting abilities through a unique usage of Her name.


Do you have the same questions that I do? Maybe you have more?

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