Thanks Azna/Lakshmi

Thanks for registering for the spectacular Azna and Lakshmi live channeling event! Feb 11 at 1 PM pacific

Please check your email for updates and the information to attend.


You can have a chance NOW to WIN a private session with Azna, Lakshmi and Rebecca!(A $697 value)

Because, Azna and Lakshmi want you to have a chance to “exchange energy” by donating if your heart calls you too. (Always check in with your heart in any giving situation to see if you should or not)


Because I love to reward anyone who helps  spread Mother’s message, I came up with the most wonderful bonuses for you if you do feel guided to donate.


Donate just $17 and receive:

• Full written transcript

• access to replay for a full month

• ***A chance to win a private session with Azna, Lakshmi and Rebecca(a $697 value) There will be two winners and you will know right on the event!

• A 17 dollar coupon off the next fee-based class next weekend (Change Your Luck Forever with the Secrets of the Goddess)

• My wonderful E-book , “The Top Five Flow-Stoppers & How to Solve them”

Yes! I want to help- send me the bonuses and  enter my name in the drawing $17



Donate Just $47 and receive:

• All of the above

• *Your name entered FIVE TIMES in the drawing to win a private session (there will be two winners!)

• Tell me your deepest need- from Lakshmi-…a Secret Solution to rectify and make whole…your deepest need. This special report from Lakshmi will give you a Powerful Ritual and special prayers so that your Deepest need will be met!

*Yes, I want to help, send me the bonuses  and enter my name 5 times in the drawing! $47


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  1. Azna & Lakshmi | Rebecca Marina on February 7th, 2012 7:44 pm

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