Biggest Healing Advancement since EFT

The Biggest Advancement in Healing since EFT!

(And I always will Love EFT)

Divine Mother has given us her own healing modality of Heart Point Technique.

Now She has made HPT even more Powerful.

Introducing… Heart Point Technique with “Soul mastery and Soul Group Healing”

At last…a quicker, easier way to heal your deepest wounds so you can ‘get over it’- and ‘kick-butt’ in the game of life!

HPT Soul Mastery and Soul group healing.

Why heal a few when you can heal a whole bunch?

Attend a live demonstration of Mother’s  newest revolutionary technique. (Please come with an open mind)

When: Sunday March 6

Time: 4 PM eastern, 3 PM CST, 1 Pm pacific (call will be about 90 minutes)

Q. How much?

A. No charge (unless you get the transcript so you can have this technique in writing)

Q. Why  aren’t you charging for this?

A. because I want everyone to know about this healing concept. I truly believe it can change the face of humanity! As a messenger for the Divine Mother, I love it when She gives me precious revelations like this. I love sharing her wisdom and what a thrill I get when I hear wonderful healing stories because I shared what I got.

Register now and tell your friends;  You do want to be on the live call if at all possible.






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