7 week Soul Mate E-course NOW on Groupon!

Announcing! 7 Week “Love” E-course with me Holding you, Loving you, until you see the Love in yourself.


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Plus, the magic chant that attracts every kind of LOVE!


Do you want to “Make Sure” you have hands on guidance for Attracting the Soul Mate of your dreams?


Do you wish you had deeper, more insightful healing on each of your issues?


Does  this  sound  like you?


  • I Don’t know if there is anyone for me
  • I Still feel too much pain from lost love, grief
  • I Still feel Anger, resentment toward former men/women
  • I Don’t know how to set boundaries
  • I don’t know how to put myself in situations to meet anyone
  • I am Terrified to take action, more comfy to stay like this
  • I am Terrified of rejection


Awwww, no wonder it is so hard- here’s more…

  • I am afraid I am too old
  • I am afraid I have too much karma or (not my karma to meet someone)
  • I’m afraid to be hurt
  • I have already tried everything, books courses, online dating
  • I’m afraid I’m not worthy
  • I’m too fat or out of shape
  • I’m afraid of criticism
  • I work too hard to have time to look
  • I lack confidence
  • I’m sick of fixer-uppers (can I get an AMEN?)


  • I am afraid there is no out there for me.
  •  I think I have already met my soul mate and let them slip away.
  • I am afraid I keep making the same mistakes over and over.

Mother God Azna says that there is actually a gene, an energy pattern locked in your DNA that can cause faulty relationships.

Always Broken-hearted?

How can you tell if you might have this?

  • Look at your family history- is there a lot of discord?
  • Are there lots of happy marriages in your family line?
  • Did your parents stay married but you wish to hell they hadn’t?
  • Do you find yourself repeating the patterns of your parents or other close family members?


The Good news is…this can be healed once you recognize it!

Announcing an Intensive 7 week healing e-course to heal all your past wounds and help you attract that love you have been longing for.


Each week, you will receive, in your inbox- a brand new audio lesson from me.

These audio lessons are  almost like having a private session with me as we delve into the innermost sanctum of your heart.


The course will focus on healing the sabotaging patterns you have going on that make it IMPOSSIBLE for you to find the kind of love your heart yearns for.

Based on the “7 tips to Attract the soul mate of your dreams” this course will take you where no course has dared to go.


You will first learn to love your own soul…your energy will be so attractive…your soul mate cannot help but come to you quickly!



  • How to use the power of past relationships (good and bad) to pave the way for your beloved.
  • Detailed step by step instructions on how to use the past to your advantage.
  • How to take ‘inspired action’ to find that love. ( in-depth instructions so you can stop ‘spinning your wheels’)
  • How to get the clearest picture of what you really want in a relationship
  • How to know if you are addicted to “Searching” but never “finding” (and how to stop that cold!)
  • How to fall in love with yourself first
  • How to clear fear of rejection
  • How to stop focusing on your faults
  • How to stop feeling like you don’t deserve to have an intimate love relationship



Want more?

  • How to arrange your clothes, furniture, body language to send a clear signal that you are ready for love.
  • How to get the greatest, tailor made for you- advice on your  love life anytime you want it…for FREE!
  • How to use the lessons you learn in this course to improve your financial life!




How much would you expect to pay for an intensive 7 week healing course like this?

$60 per lesson?

That seems like a pretty good deal at $472 total.

However, it’s almost Valentines   and I wanted to make this affordable so I’m offering this so low… that Anyone can afford this.

7 weeks course for  only $67! (use coupon code “love” and get an extra $20 off instantly! making this 7 week E-course only $47!)

Now- with a coupon for this week only- making this the most crazy-low price you could ever imagine!


Each week , you will receive a fresh, new lesson, tailor made for helping you shed the sabotage, karma, whatever is in your way…and attract the soul mate of your dreams.


Get it right now! only $67!

(use coupon code “love” and get an extra $20 off instantly! making this 7 week E-course only $47!)

 Bonus Makes this Even Sweeter.

My Daughter Belin is an Expert at taking photographs that make you look you’re very best!

…and attracting men like crazy. (Happily married now)

She  volunteered to give us some of the Tips that she uses!

Bonus from Belin:

How to  make your thighs look WAY slimmer in person and in photos.

No Thigh-Master or PhotoShop Neccesary…

Want to look thinner in all your bathing suit pics?  (No touch-ups necessary!)

Want to look younger and thinner in EVERY picture you take?

Belin’s  got your back!

Me and Belin doing our "skinny thigh" pose.

Me and Belin doing our “skinny thigh” pose.

Want to let a person know you’re interested without being too obvious?


Want to dress 10 lbs thinner?


Want to catch all the RIGHT kind of attention from a guy/girl?

Want to oooze sensuality?  Or just be memorable to him/her?

Well, if you do…then it’s all about the pose!  Let Belin show you how!

Want to always look beautiful every photograph?

Makeup products and tips that are really ‘worth it’ (Stop wasting money on stuff that doesn’t work!)

only $67!

(use coupon code “love” and get an extra $20 off instantly! making this 7 week E-course only $47!)





…and know this…I Love You Already!

Mmmmmwaaaa, Hugs,



Krishna and Radha so much in Love...

Krishna and Radha so much in Love…

PS: don’t let this coupon expire. Get it before you get busy and forget.

The audios will come at one-a -week and you can download them and have them always.

Love is here for me!

Love is here for me!

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10 Responses to “7 week Soul Mate E-course NOW on Groupon!”

  1. stormy on February 25th, 2010 9:54 pm

    i’m listening to your free seminar about finding your soulmate and i’m realizing that i have no idea who i am anymore so i don’t have the capacity to find the right person…. i am so hurt… by my ex… by my family… by the people i’ve tried to let into my life since then… and i waited 7 years before i even tried to date again… my kids had a fit… mind you they are grown with their own families and having issues of their own and no time for me except to tell me i have no business dating… in fact my daughter has cut me off from my grandchild because i did try to start seeing people again… so now i’m trapped in this self imposed prison afraid to meet anyone else… not that i was attracting people that were any better than my ex was… and my ex was just like my mother… they were both addicts… he alcohol and she food… and both had to make me feel the very worst about me to make them feel better about themselves and i know this but its so ingrained… and my ex was a typical alcoholic that had to control the people in his life because he couldn’t control his addiction… the men that seem to have been attracted to me for the brief period of time that i did date seemed to exhibit the same sort of traits and at least i had the good sense to not pursue them as soon as i recognized it… i’m just so horribly tired of being so lonely… it won’t make any difference it would seem now if i do try to start dating again because i will probably never see or talk to my daughter or grandson again… and its not even primarily because of her… my son-in-law is an addict and with untreated bi-polar… so very little of what he does makes any sense… and he is a consemate liar on top of it all… making him like my ex and my mother as well… i can’t deal with all this negative energy around me anymore… i either need to find a way to move forward or to give up all together… my friend renee recommended you and told me how generous and wise you are with your gifts… i’m hoping you can give me some sort of wisdom or clarity of how to get myself together and go about moving on with the rest of my life… i’m only 58… i’ve been told i look no older than 38… i’m an intelligent artist… a sensible person in all these other aspects of my life but these… and these are all a mess… can you help me, please!?

  2. Beth Jewett on February 25th, 2010 10:18 pm

    Love your video that helps people clear past sexual energy. Thank you.
    I have done a lot of energy work over the years and am a healer myself… just wanted to let you know how drawn I am to your energy and how much I feel so very secure and at peace with you.
    I look forward to learning from you.

  3. admin on February 26th, 2010 1:29 am

    Hi- the 10 you paid was for the transcript of tonights course and the bonus, Clearing your past sexual history.
    The 7 week E-course is separate and is alreay at a greatly reduced price, thanks for asking,

  4. Emily on March 4th, 2010 5:16 pm

    I”m still hurting from past relationships. The last one just ended about 1 month ago. I still miss him. Will this energy prevent me from benefiting from the Soul Mate course? Should I hold off on this for now?

  5. Piotr Kruczynski on March 18th, 2010 7:55 pm

    Mother Azna.
    Help me get my health to normal so my life be happy

    Thank Moter Azna

  6. Gina Marie on June 6th, 2011 9:45 am

    I am in such emotional turmoil that I’d given up on life many years ago. Life is too painful to live, so I never do anything like I don’t even leave my house except to go to get groceries. I’ve lost my entire family and the family I married into because of my husbands lies and deceit. How is this possible for a woman like myself to ever live the life I’ve dreamed about when nobody cares for me? My husband dumped me and I allowed it, and my father did the same thing. My boys want to dump me, they say so all the time, something keeps them with me. I WANT TO LIVE AND LOVE! Living a life I love but the pain from my past haunts me. What’s wrong with me, and how did I know this is what my life was going to be? Why am I living a life like this and it’s almost like my mothers life except she had friends and liked going out? I’m not special to anyone and so easily forgotten, why? Please help me to live life for the first time in my life.

  7. Free Sexual Cleansing | Rebecca Marina on August 23rd, 2012 12:17 am
  8. Nuala on August 23rd, 2012 3:53 pm

    Hi Rebecca, does this healing include breaking portals of connection from sexual abuse as a child? Much love, Nuala

  9. Nuala on August 23rd, 2012 6:44 pm

    Sorry! Just realized there was a free video and it mentions clearing of childhood sexual abuse. Thankyou Rebecca. this is very important work you are doing. I am glad to know you. Nuala X

  10. admin on August 27th, 2012 12:29 am

    yes, it certainly can if that is your intention…

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